New Wingman- David Hoskins

The K-State Coaching staff has been hard at work combing the High school and Junior College Ranks recruiting for the class of 2005. With four Seniors on the roster this year in Justin Williams, Jeremiah Massey, Travis Canby and Dramane Diarra, Coach Jim Woolridge and staff went to the Junior College ranks and more specifically Central Michigan Chippewa guard David Hoskins to help fill the voids and create depth.

After attending Schoolcraft (Michigan) College this year in Canton (Michigan), David took a visit to Manhattan late in the summer and decided that K-State was where he wanted to conclude his career. A standout at Plymouth Salem high school in Salem Michigan Hoskins averaged a very respectable 27 points a game, 10 rebounds and three assists en route to be named first team all-state, Hoskins choose the Cats from a bevy of suitors.

"Actually Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, Utah and then a lot of Mid-Majors like Creighton, Toledo, Western Michigan and Baylor in the Big 12. Those were the primary schools that were recruiting David and showing strong interest" Hoskin's father Daryl said.

Hoskins is capable of playing a couple different positions for the Cats.'s National Basketball recruiting Analyst Dave Telup had this to say about the Hoskins.

"David is a strong, well developed wing man who played for the Michigan Mustangs AAU program in 2002-2003 and with his frame and jumping ability- really he can play a couple different positions for Coach Woolridge. Coach Wooly got a good recruit with Hoskins and he fits their style of play. David is known for his toughness and ability to get to the rim and I think Coach Woolridge will use David differently then how he played last year. I think you will see David closer in to the rim for the Cats."

At 6-foot 5 and close to 230 pounds, Hoskins provides the size Coach Wooly was looking for in replacing some of the senior interior players currently on roster.

"David can really play a couple positions and I know Coach Woolridge wants to see him at the 2 spot, but he can really play the three or even the one spot. We are just really impressed with the K-State Coaching staff and when they recruiting David to play for them, the knew what type of player he is and what he could bring to the table and they really knew what type of player they wanted--- they were just really looking for a player like David."

As for why David chose the Wildcats:

"Well, Coach Baker and Coach Elgas came down here and we spoke with them prior to ever speaking with the head Coach- Coach Woolridge and that is really what did it I think. The biggest attraction for David is he went up there (in August) for his visit and they were looking for a player like David. Seems like a lot of coaching staff's are looking to recruit the highest profile guys or the guys who score the most and K-State knew what they wanted. They were looking for a guy like David and a certain player to fit into a team that was already a good team but just needed one player to make it better. And so that is what attracted David, he was that player. He was the player they were missing and they knew he was what they wanted." said Daryl Hoskins.

Although currently enrolled at schoolcraft and attending classes as well as basketball practice, it is uncertain whether or not David will suit out and play for Coach Briggs and schoolcraft college.

"We are looking at red-shirting David, which would give him three years to play at K-State. That is something that we are looking at very strongly right now and David is going to sit down with Coach Briggs and discuss the red-shirt. If he were to red-shirt for them, he would still practice with them and keep working out and fine tuning his game but he would have three solid years for Kansas State."

As for his letter of intent, Daryl Hoskins said he is officially a Wildcat.

"Yep he is Wildcat now. I know he signed his letter of intent and then he and Coach Briggs faxed it into Kansas State on Wednesday of this past week. He is signed and sealed to the Wildcats."

As for play with the Cats, David will be utilized differently then how he was used before.

"Well one thing is Kansas State is going to use David a bit more around the rim. He can shoot really well and can spot up no problem but that is probably not the strongest point of his game. You know he played at Central Michigan last year and K-State's coaching staff could see that he was a guy that went to the basket, he was a great passer and they had him shooting up spot up three's. And he is a pretty good size kid for a two guard weighing about 220-230 pounds shooting jump shots. He is a great shooter no doubt about that but his best game is when he is going to the basket, passing the ball and then spotting up as a shooter. At this point Coach Wooly has told us anywhere from the one spot to the three and they will use him more going to the basket and making things happen."

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