Season-ending loss sets in

The season-ending loss to Iowa State Saturday has started to set in as K-State players and coaches begin to talk about what happened and the future ahead.

Kansas State came ready to play Saturday, head coach Bill Snyder said. He just isn't sure if it ended up that way in the Wildcats' 37-23 loss to Iowa State.

"I can't recall this happening before, at least not in this way," Snyder said of the Cyclones' fourth quarter comeback.

But despite the way this season ended and not playing in a bowl game for the first time since 1992, Snyder said he told the seniors that he has appreciated all their hard work during their time at K-State.

"I told them to keep their positive memories," he said. "There are so many positive things they've had here at Kansas State. I hope they sort through their fond memories. The rest of the team, I told them what they could expect in the future and asked them to put things in order before we meet on Monday. We are going to come back and come together again."

Senior defensive tackle Jermaine Berry said this season was a roller coaster ride and that he's excited to represent K-State one last time as he and some of his teammates prepare to play in the Senior Bowl.

"It's been like a roller coaster for me, (Darren) Sproles, (Brian) Casey, (Jon) Doty, and all of us," he said. "Coming in as seniors, we came in thinking we were on top of the world. And the next thing you know, you're down there at the bottom of the rankings."

And though Snyder wouldn't elaborate on what he told the players they could expect in the future, he did say that he isn't sure some on the team fully understood what K-State's program is about this season.

"I told them what they could anticipate and expect from me and the program, and what this program is really all about," he said. "They need to search their souls."

However, Snyder also said that he think this year's team was guilty of thinking things work out just because they have in the past. But he wasn't sure if that was the case against Iowa State, specifically.

 "Basically he said if you don't want to come to work, don't come at all," junior offensive lineman Jeromey Clary said of Snyder's post game comments to the team. "We are going to come to work. I'm going to step up as a leader because it is my last year here. I'm going to get people here to work and if they don't want to, I want them out, just like Coach Snyder said."

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