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With the graduation of Brian Casey, the Wildcats are shopping for a Tight End and the coaching staff is looking to Omaha, Nebraska to fill that need. Omaha's Central High School to be exact and Nate Prater. Nate a three star rated recruit by Scout- has already taken his official visit to Manhattan in Late November and says the Cats are "at the top."

"Right now K-State is at the top. My visit there went really well and just some of the commits that they had there, we all got along great and that was really important to me. I have taken some trips and will go to Kansas this weekend but K-State is really at the top of my list."

Prater who is one of the top recruits for the Wildcats at the Tight End position is trying to get all of his visits taken before Christmas. Why Christmas? Because Prater would like to have his decision made by Christmas to share with his family.

"I really wanted to go on my visits and see who they stack up against Kansas State. I want to see if they can offer the same things that K-State can and if they can blow my mind. I really want to make a decision before Christmas so that I can share with my family. It is a big decision and I want to take a look and see how other schools stack up to K-State and then before Christmas make my decision."

Prater, who hails from deep within Nebraska Cornhusker country, says every since he could remember he has wanted to go to school outside of the state and that distance is not a deterrent but rather a positive on his choice of college.

"Let me tell you something, I feel really good about leaving Nebraska. For me distance is no factor at all. I mean every since I was growing up I have always talked about getting out of Nebraska. I have never wanted to play for Nebraska- I have always wanted to play elsewhere. As kids, me, Courtney Grixby (Fr. DB - Nebraska) and Brandon Gunn (Fr. DB - Iowa State) when we were growing up we always used to talk about how we would never got to Nebraska. Courtney…well he ended up going to Nebraska but Brandon went to Iowa State, so now it is my turn to live up to what I said and I am feeling really good about getting out of state."

In terms of what has Kansas State at the top of his list currently, Prater had this to say about his trip to Manhattan.

"The first thing that grabbed my attention has to be the academics. Easily the academics. I mean the counselors, the AD, the programs and what they have in place for student athletes it is amazing. I mean it is completely amazing what they have in place there and the tools they give you to be successful. I really like the program they have there. It is something that would be really good for me as a student athlete. They have tutoring and a lot of study periods where you can concentrate on your studies and your grades."

In terms of what he is looking forward to at the next level.

" I think the play-calling gets more complicated at the college level and I think that is what I am looking forward to the most….to seeing how that plays out. I mean I have all summer to get bigger and faster and that is something I am going to do in the gym but the speed of the game is obviously different."
At 6-foot-4 and tipping the scales at a little over 250 pounds, Prater thinks he is the perfect size to play TE at the next level.

"Pretty much everyone has recruited me at Tight End and with my size and speed I think I have the right combination to play tight end. To play tight end in the NFL you have to be able to run and catch and I do not need to have the ball for 30 td's or 50 catches. A balanced offense is perfect for me and I like to run block and then every once in awhile I like to catch it and that is really what I am looking for."

Prater has visited and tripped Manhattan a couple times already this year and as far as where the Cats stand and how his recruitment has progressed thus far- Nate had this to say about his experiences to K-State.

"My first visit to Kansas State was amazing. I have met the K-State coaches and I love them all. Good men. I mean they treat me so well. They treat me like I am their son and I even met the school president. When does that ever happen? I mean they have just a great staff there and I had been there before and I know what they are all about and I just really like K-State right now. When I went on my visit I hung out with Victor Mann and Darren Sproles and some other players and I sat in with them and they reminded me of me. I mean they remind me of people I hang out with here and I get along with and that right there means a lot to me."

Nate will trip to Kansas this weekend and we will follow-up with him following his visit.
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