Wildcats Land DE- Jonathan Lewis

Well it did not take the Wildcats long to rebound from the loss of DE Maurice Lucas to the Colorado Buffalos as three star DE recruit Jonathan Lewis committed to Kansas State following the in-house visit of Coach Bob Elliott last night.

"Yes sir, it's true. I committed to Kansas State. I told Coach Elliott last night that I wanted to be a Wildcat. I am happy I committed" said Lewis.

Jonathan Lewis, the Carrollton (Texas) Newman three star defensive end said that K-State had been recruiting him from the very beginning and when he tore both his ACL and MCL- many teams backed off on their recruitment of the lonestar standout. K-State and Coach Elliot did not.

"He (Coach Elliott) told me that I was their main guy and how they were not going to be like Wisconsin and Alabama and back off of me. That they were there from the beginning and they were going to stand by me. And that really meant a lot to me. That let me know that he was not only interested in my just as another athlete. It tells me that they do not just see an athlete that they see a good person" said Lewis.

Although Lewis contends he would like take other visits, he is solidly committed to K-State.

"I want to take all my visits and I will probably take one to Arkansas but I am pretty committed to K-State. My commit to them is very strong. I have liked them from the very first day they offered me."

In terms of recruiting, Lewis said that numerous schools in the Big 12 were interested in him but there was one moment that really stood out for him in choosing to become a Wildcat.

"I went to their last game of the season and I was into the game. I was into the game so much that I mean, I couldn't, I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't think of anything else. I was so into everything going on and that was really it."

Coach Bob Elliott was instrumental in securing the commitment of the #19 recruit on the Texas Top 100 list. Standing 6-foot-2 and 250 pounds, Jonathan met with Coach Elliott last night for an in-home visit.

"Well Coach Elliott came to my house last night for a home visit and was sitting there talking to my Mom and he asked me are there any more questions you have for me? I was just like ‘Yea I want to commit there. I do not see myself playing anywhere else'."

In terms of playing time, Lewis is still undergoing physical rehab but says he has spoken with the coaches in regards to playing time and is looking to be involved in the rotation as quickly as possible.

"Yes sir. I have spoken with the coaches about kinda where fit in there. They told me that if I come in and work on it and my rehab goes good that I could become a potential starter. I have some work still to do and it is my ACL and MCL (that was torn) right now but I am looking to get into the rotation. I had my surgery on my knee on Friday and I have already started recovering. It (surgery) went good and I just want to get it back to normal and strong. "

In terms of playing style, Lewis says he likes to be a playmaker on the field and craves the contact.

"I like to make plays. I figure that no matter what I am doing I want to make the plays. Whether it is hitting the running back and making him afraid to run by me the whole game or taking a shot at the quarterback. I pride myself on making plays and no matter what it is I like to make the play and want to be the one making them."

In terms of the Purple Horde, Lewis had this message he wanted to share.

"Tell them to get ready for some good football when I get there".

Lewis is scheduled to visit Manhattan the 14th of December

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