Returns From Manhattan US Army All-American selection and four star wide receiver D.J. Hord took his first official visit to Kansas State and has narrowed his list to four schools, including eliminating the Missouri Tigers from his list. US Army All-American selection Kansas State University.

"The visit was a lot of fun," remarked Hord. "I had a real good time talking with both the players and coaches. I'd say the highlight of the visit was how much support their program receives from the school president. He told me that as long as I work as hard as I can in being a proud represenative of the school that he would help me with my career. I told him I wanted to get into construction, and he informed of some the companies that come to Kansas State for employees."

Hord also feels he would be used well in a Wildcat uniform.

"Coach (Bill) Synder went over some of the previous receivers they had there, like Aaron Lockett, and Kevin Lockett, and he told me that I could be a big impact guy there. Their running back coach, Michael Smith, told me he only had like eight catches before Coach Synder arrived, and then the next season he had nearly 50 catches so they know how to get you the ball," stated Hord.

Hord will officially visit Notre Dame as a school still under consideration, but he has yet to hear from the new staff.

One school no longer under consideration, who was once considered the favorite, is the Missouri Tigers.

"I have to call their coaches this week to let them know, but I'm no longer considering Missouri," added Hord, a four star wide receiver. "I'm sure their coaches are going to be disappointed, but I have to do what is best for myself, and right now I don't feel Missouri is a good fit for me."

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