Cailfornia LB gives Cats High Marks

The Wildcat coaching staff went to the state of California to address the linebacking position and received high marks this weekend.

In the biggest recruiting weekend to date for Kansas State, two star California LB- Reggie Walker had nothing but good things to say about his visit to Manhattan.

"Man I really wanted to pull the trigger. Everything about the trip just really opened up my eyes and let me know that K-State is where I might need to be. Everything there is either football or school and I can tell you one thing, I need to get out of Sacramento. I need someplace like that where I can just concentrate on school or football."

The two star recruit from Sacramento's Grant Union High School said the Wildcats are at the top of his list although he still plans on taking a trip to Fresno State.

"I gotta tell you the trip could not have gone better. I had a great time there and meeting with everyone was good. A couple guys and I got to talking and we were talking about what it would be like to all play together there and we are going to keep in touch. I know that K-State has some Cali guys and that right there makes you feel at home," said Walker.

We will have a full report on Reggie's visit to Manhattan tomorrow morning but due to time zones, we are in the process of talking to other recruits that visited this weekend. Reggie had much to say about his visit to Manhattan and we want to preface tomorrow's report by saying that lots of fans knew who Reggie was and that had an impact on his visit.

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