99% Chance I am going to K-State

This weekend was one of the bigger recruiting weekends to date for Kansas State, hosting recruits from all over the country. California's – Reggie Walker made his official visit to Manhattan this weekend and came away impressed with the program and the atmosphere.

Reggie Walker made his official visit to Manhattan this weekend and came away listing the Wildcats as his favorite.

"I would say it is 99% right now that I am going to K-State," said Walker last night following his trip.

Although the Wildcats are currently leading for this two star recruit from Sacramento's Grant Union High School, Walker admits he will take one more trip- to Fresno State for comparison.

"Right now I think Kansas State is where I need to be. I mean I went down there and really everything was great. The thing is that it is a place where I can concentrate on football and school. I think that is where I need to be and what I need to concentrate on- school and football."

Hosted by Maurice Porter, another California product, Walker says there is a large contingent of California players and that is something he likes.

"Maurice and I got along really well. He is a California boy like me and that was cool. At his apartment, there were a bunch of guys that were all from California too and we all got along pretty well. It was kind of cool."

Walker calls it the California connection.

"You know Cameron Morrah- Another Cali guy. I'm telling you the California connection. We got along pretty good. I would like to play with Cameron- me and him would be cool. "

As far as his trip to Manhattan, Walker leaves the door open for a little room for improvement but says his visit went very well.

"Heck yea. It was like a 9 out of 10. It was no California and that is what I need. It was great because we met so many people and people coming to you all the time. They are like what number are you? You coming here? What position are you going to play for us? Man we really need you- you got to come here. Everybody knows about K-State football and they were all like; ‘you need to come here.' We need some people like you here. They all know who you are and like half of the town is students and that was cool."

In terms of position at the next level, Walker can play a couple of different positions already.

"Tell you what, K-State showed me all the tape of their linebackers and everything and how they play down there. And this is probably the best spot for me. I can come in and play and they need linebackers. The position they want me to play is the best position to come in and play early at. The way they play, you get protected a lot from the linemen and you do not have to take on blocks that much and it frees you up to make plays," said Walker.

Walker will take his visit to Fresno State and then will make a decision following this visit.

KStateFans will be on top of this situation as it develops and checking back with Reggie.

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