Two Wildcat Starters being sternly disciplined

Bill Snyder promised after the final game of the 2004 4-7 season that a stronger than ever commitment to the Wildcat program would be expected from every member of the team, and he meant it.

Mark Janssen, Sports Editor of the Manhattan Mercury and Senior Writer for has learned that at least two front-line players — quarterback Allen Webb and receiver Jermaine Moreira — are being sternly disciplined.

While officially still on the Wildcat roster, Webb is reportedly being required to work out on his own, and is not a part of the regular team-wide off-season conditioning program.

Webb, a junior-to-be and starter in five K-State games, reportedly had a misunderstanding with Snyder, plus was involved in a shoving session with another member of the Wildcat coaching staff.

It's not known if Webb is still on scholarship, but it's believed that the door is still open for him to officially return to the team in the spring.

Webb, who played in 10 games, completed 52 percent of his passes for 52 yards per game, plus rushed for 418 yards, which ranked second high on the team.

Moreira reportedly broke a team rule at the end of the season and has lost his scholarship for at least one semester. Moreira is still working out with the rest of his teammates.

Moreira led the team in receptions with 39 with four of those going for touchdowns, which was also a team-high.

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