Justin McKinney Recommits to Kansas State

Spoke with Garden City CC Athletic Director and former head coach <b>Bob Larson</b> regarding confirmation of a recommitment from <b>Justin McKinney</b> to Kansas State.

"(Justin McKinney) signed with Kansas State two years ago," Garden City CC AD Bob Larson said. "He redshirted one year and then played a year. And to my knowledge, he recommitted and he's going to K-State again."

Scouting Report: "He's a good-sized corner, about 5-11, 190, and very fast -- I'd say fast enough to play corner. He's good at both press and bail coverage and was in man 90 percent of the time."

Final thoughts: "I think he'll step in at K-State and do a great job. He's a very talented player, that's why K-State signed him initially, and he's going to do nothing but get better. He's been able to mature, grow not only physically, athletically and emotionally, but academically as well."

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