Wildcat Commit to Play Immediately?

He was the very next call from the Wildcat Coaches that night. Mackenzie Rosel had just committed to Kansas State and Coach Miller instantly called the other linebacker the coaching staff coveted---wanting to let him know K-State was ready for him to commit when he was ready to commit.

"Coach Miller called me up and let me know how much Kansas State wanted me. He told me I was the linebacker they wanted and that Rosel had committed and I was the other linebacker they wanted- and was I ready. Man you know I loved it down there Sean. I loved my trip and I did not want to miss out," said Reggie Walker.

Everyone else knows the rest of the story; Reggie committed to the Cats on December 13th and ended the speculation about where he was going to go to college. Reggie also ended the further recruitment of other linebacking prospects for the Wildcats.

"Yep they told me it was going to be me, Rosel and Diehl and that was it. They were only going to take us three at linebacker and I was the last one and was I ready to get on board? That really stood out to me and I could not say no, I was ready."

At a little over 225 pounds, Reggie knows he needs to put on a bit more weight because the Kansas State coaching staff expects Reggie to report ready for playing time.

"I spoke with Coach Miller last night and he is getting my hooked up for their program. They have a program they call Head Start and it basically gets me ready to go down there and play and that is what I was recruited to do. I know what I can do and I know I can go down there and play. Coach Miller told me last night that I need to be ready to work right in and that I am going to be counted on to play immediately. They are not red shirting me, they want me to play immediately- as soon as I get down there."

Having lived in Missouri, Reggie spent a good deal of his time on his recruiting trip to Manhattan with Cameron Morrah and recent Cat signee, Mike Frieson.

"You know I think Mike was really high on Missouri when he came down here. We talked a bunch when he was down here and being from Missouri I already knew all about them. I lived in Missouri but I have always wanted to play at KSU or Michigan. I was talking to Mike and I told him that K-State was the best place for him. At K-State you can concentrate on school and football. If you want to play in the NFL or have a shot you have to have your grades and school in place and you can concentrate on that and football in Manhattan," said Walker. Later he ads, "I think Mike listened to me (laughing) and I am looking forward to playing with him down there."

Walker says he is very excited to get to Manhattan and start working into the system and learning the defense.

"I know that I can come in and play if I work hard enough. Coaches are going to send me some tapes on the defense so I can start learning the schemes and get ready to go down there. They are telling me to come ready to play. I know what I can do; I'm looking to going down there ready to suit up."

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