Injury Riddles Season for the Cats Continues

Kansas State's hoops stars are having a dickens of a time keeping healthy. Jeremiah Massey gave his right ankle a good twist in early-December, but has not missed a game. Kendra Wecker of the women's team sprained her left ankle on Dec. 3, forcing her to miss three games before returning last week and scoring three straight double-doubles.

Monday night at the 7:01 mark of the second half, Massey tumbled to the floor after attempting a shot in the lane and had to be helped from the floor.

"I don't know right now. I know he was in a lot of pain," coach Jim Wooldridge said when asked about the seriousness of the ankle injury. "Hopefully, it's not bad. Hopefully, it's not something he can't recover from quickly. We'll know more tomorrow morning."

Massey was seen leaving Bramlage Coliseum after the game wearing a supportive boot. Massey has been K-State's scoring and rebounding leader with respective averages of 16.3 and 6.7. In Monday's 80-58 win over Central Missouri State, he had 20 points and 8 rebounds.
Hayden sits, thinks

Sitting out Monday's game was junior Marcus Hayden, who initiated his own impromptu press conference following last Thursday's victory over Eastern Illinois. Hayden used the time to announce his discouragement on how he fit into the Kansas State system.

Wooldridge didn't want to use the word "suspension," but said, "Marcus is really frustrated and having a hard time handling that frustration in a positive way. I just decided to back him out of there a little bit and give him room to think about it.

"Marcus is a good kid, but really frustrated," Wooldridge said. "He gets down on himself and sometimes doesn't handle it in the right way." Wooldridge said he "would anticipate" that Harden would play Saturday in the Big 12 opener at Nebraska.

On the area of fitting into the K-State system, Wooldridge said, "Every player fits into the system. The system is to play hard and play together. It's a pretty easy system to understand.

''It's not a system issue,'' Wooldridge said. ''It's young people and how they deal with frustration. Some handle it very well, and some need some more help."

Speaking for the Wildcat team, sophomore Fred Peete said of the issue, "He made a mistake, but we're like brothers. We all make mistakes at time. We'll welcome him back with open arms. He's a brother to us."

As for Hayden, he offered, ''I probably wouldn't consider myself much of a leader anymore. It's just a little frustrating when things don't necessarily go your way on the court.''

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