Cats Bringing in another Colorado Recruit

The Wildcats have targeted the state of Colorado this year in recruiting and have been very successful in landing some of Colorado's best recruits. So it stands to reason don't fix what is not broke and once again the Wildcat Coaching staff is looking to the State of Colorado and will be bringing in another Colorado recruit for an official visit.

For those who follow Kansas State recruiting pretty closely, the name Matthew Braman is no surprise to you- as Matthew over the past month has emerged as a legitimate Wildcat Target. From the town of Niwot, (Longmont area) Colorado, Braman is a player who is being recruited at a couple of positions for the Cats.

"Well right now Coach Peterson came in and looked at my film and they like me as a Fullback. Coach Peterson and the offensive coach is the only one who really has seen film on me so they have kind of said they want to keep me on offense. But I know the defensive coaches have not had a chance to see any film of me yet and so they Coach Peterson says they have not had a chance to look at me on that side of the ball," said Braman.

An interesting side note to this story is how Braman ever became a target for the Cats.

"Kansas State just kinda came into the picture for me. I think it was the week before I went on Christmas break, around the 10th I think. Coach Peterson looked at some film and then he came out and saw me that week. It's kind of funny because I sent my film out to Kansas State and I was kind of late getting them some film so I am just really happy that it got there."

Although looking very strongly at the Cats, Braman says the top schools in contention for his signature are:

"Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Oregon, those are the schools right now that I am considering."

Of those schools however, Matthew says there really is not one school that has separated itself thus far although he has taken official visits to Georgia Tech and Colorado State. K-State has positioned itself for the last visit from Braman, which will be the 17th of January.

"It looks like it is going to be the 17th of this month. This will probably be my last visit," And as far as Oregon and Colorado? "Well Colorado just offered a little while ago but I am not sure about Colorado and I do not think I am going to set up Oregon. I am probably just going to visit Kansas State and then try and make my decision. As for a favorite, I really do not have one right now."

In terms of recruiting, Braman admits he would like to end the process after his visit to K-State.

"I really would like to make my decision next week or so. Probably next weekend. I want to come home and kind of decide where I want to go after Kansas State."

Braman whose natural position is linebacker and the position he admits he feels most comfortable at right now in his career, says that playing time and depth chart are issues and that he would like to see the field immediately.

"It does not really matter which side (defense of offense) I play on I just want to play. If I could play earlier rather then later that would be better. I mean I have been playing linebacker (middle LB) for a really really long time and I just started playing fullback this year. I like linebacker better."

Braman admits that there is a little bit of pressure in his recruitment and although there are offers on the table currently, he would like to take his visit to K-State in order to make his decision.

"If I find the right school I am going to make my decision. Right now everything is kind of heating up for me in recruiting and there is pressure right now. I mean I do not want to lose out on a scholarship and right now I have offers that I am looking at and that I do not want to lose."

Matthew says he is looking at the whole picture in terms of recruiting and is doing his homework on each of the schools he is considering.

"You know, I really am looking at some things other then football. I have been reading up on all the schools and their academics and facilities. I want to check those things out too and just read up on the school."

Braman will visit Manhattan on the 17th of this month and then looks to make his decision. A fast recruit with good size, this recruit has the capability and speed that coaches covet and could play a variety of different positions although currently the Cats are recruiting Braman to play the fullback position.

KStateFans will be following this story as in unfolds from San Antonio and the US Army All Star game but rest assures we will have an update on Matthew following his visit to Manhattan.

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