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The Wildcats are looking for a few good quarterbacks and the Cats have turned their attention to the West Coast to possibly fill out the QB position. Currently committed elsewhere, one of California's best Quarterbacks confirmed he will indeed be visiting Manhattan.

The Wildcats are looking for a few good quarterbacks and Monday evening, Concord de La Salle QB prospect Kevin Lopina called to let me know his visit to Manhattan was definitely on schedule for this coming weekend, the 14th of January. As first read here at KStateFans.com, Lopina who is currently committed to Oregon State is considering the Wildcats and will take a visit to Manhattan to see what the Cats have to offer this West Coast QB who we have rates as a three star prospect.

"Oh yea, everything is still on for this weekend. I am going to go down there on Friday and check everything out and see what Kansas State is all about. I am really looking forward to going down there and seeing what they have to offer," said Lopina.

In terms of his trip to Manhattan, Lopina admits he is excited to see what the city of Manhattan and K-State fans are all about.

"I have heard the community is really big on their football there and I like that right there. I mean I am actually a little more anxious to go on this trip then I was to Oregon State this weekend as I have already been there a couple of times. I am really excited to get down there and meet these coaches and see what it is like."

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound player fits Coach Snyder's prototypical Quarterback prospect with a strong arm and very mobile, running a 4.6 forty. Lopina beat out fellow teammate Anthony Gutierrez for the starting quarterback position last year and held that position until he tore the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in his right knee.

In six and a half contests he did start, Kevin rushed for 233 yards on 35 carries and seven touchdowns while completing 47 of 85 (55%) passes for 661 yards for four touchdowns and three interceptions.

In terms of his approaching visit to Manhattan, Kevin explained his reasons for wanting to take a trip to K-State.

"You know after I committed to Oregon State, the Kansas State coaches kept in contact. It really was my quarterback coach Roger Theder who set things kinda up for me. He and Coach Snyder have been good friends for a long time and I talked with my dad and we just decided it was worth it to go and check out what K-State has to offer."

Although Lopina admits he is still committed to Oregon State, he says whether he changes his commitment or not is really all about this weekend's trip. "I mean I am committed to them (Oregon State) but if there is something special about it (K-State) then I am going to have to come home and talk with my dad and make out a pro and cons list and make a decision. It really depends on this trip and if it is appealing to me or not. Coach Theder just has all good thins to say about Coach Snyder and Coach Theder does not have good things to say about a lot of people so you know that is something right there. But I started talking to my dad and we like the coaches, we like the offense I mean that really fits my style and we like the Quarterback situation there. I have to go check them out and maybe it will be the school, you know maybe it won't but it really is all about this weekend and getting with their coaches and checking it all out," said Lopina.

In terms of styles of offense, Kevin says he likes both offensive styles of play and that both have benefits.

"Oregon State they will line up in 5 WR sets and air it out. I can play that style of ball where it is all out there but then Kansas State throws the ball as well and they have plays that are set around their quarterbacks and you get to run it and use some of your other skills. I think I could do very well in that type of system."

Although he says that he would need to come home and speak with his father, Lopina says there is a great deal of pressure on him right now in taking this visit to Manhattan but that it comes with the territory.

"Man right now there is a lot of pressure. I mean I left message with the OSU coaches that I was going to take this visit and they have not gotten back to me (they are coaching in a Shrine All-star game) but I really have to take this visit and I owe it to myself to check things out. I appreciate you keeping things quiet and just on your site. It is out there though now, I mean I tried to get a hold of them and left them message so it's cool- you can write a story now. I know that they are not going to like me taking a trip but I got to look at this and what is best for me too. I have not gotten a chance to talk to them yet but I am going to Kansas State this weekend to check it all out."

As first reported here on KStateFans.com- Kevin will be tripping to Manhattan on an official visit this weekend and we will be bringing you all the latest developments with his recruitment.

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