DJ Hord Discusses Commit Decision

San Antonio, Tx---Kansas City, Mo. wide receiver D.J. Hord made his college selection today choosing Notre Dame over Kansas State at the Army All-American game. KStateFans caught up with DJ directly after the game to get his feedback and thoughts on making his selection

In a game hyped with All-Star talent and on a day that saw numerous of the bluest of the blue chippers make their college selections live on national television at the Army All Star Game-- the Wildcat Nation anxiously awaited the decision of DJ Hord. Down to Notre Dame and Kansas State, Hord selected Notre Dame and KStateFans caught up with DJ directly after the game to get his thoughts on choosing Notre Dame.

"I just always felt comfortable with those guys, and I then saw that Notre Dame degree and I knew I could do something with that after football," said Hord on his decision to play ball for the Irish.

Many felt that Kansas State had made up significant ground on DJ following the coaching change at Notre Dame. Hord however, maintains that academics are the main reason he eventually chose the Irish, as well as the input of his parents.

"My parents were a huge part of this also. They say the academic side of this more then the football side of this and they were happy with my decision. I just felt that Notre Dame had stronger academics then Kansas State and that was a large part of the decision. That what I think is probably what made me lean over to Notre Dame a little more then Kansas State at the end."

Paramount to this decision was the official visit Hord took last weekend to South Bend and the opportunity to meet with new Irish head coach Charlie Weis and his staff.

"Before the visit I didn't really know who the coaches were," Hord said. "After talking to coach Weis face-to-face, that was a big thing for me on the visit. And I think I can fit in with their offense. Coach Weis likes to throw the ball a lot and Coach Cutcliffe, the quarterback's coach likes to throw the ball even more then coach Weis. They need wide receivers there badly and I can come in and compete for a spot in that offense and be a good player for them."

In terms of the Wildcat offense, Hord felt he could have helped boost the wide receiver corp. at K-State but that he fit better at Notre Dame.

"I talked with Coach Peterson a lot too and I think I could have gone in there and provided them with a good deep threat and helped them out too. Notre Dame's academics though and then the visit really are what did it- and Notre Dame was it."

In terms of a leader, Hord says that Kansas State was his leader following his visit to Manhattan on December 10th.

"Kansas State was definitely in it for me. Actually when I went there for my visit I had a good time and liked them a lot. They were my leader after that visit. I just really liked their coaches and they are very family oriented but after the Notre Dame visit that was it" said Hord.

Clearly happy with his decision, DJ did say he wished that he could have been more involved in the Army game.

"It was very disappointing, but I'm happy I made it out here," Hord said smiling much like he has all week. "I can't complain- we won and the West took it home."

Joined by his mother following the interview, DJ and his West teammates celebrated their win over the East squad. KStateFans wishes the DJ the best of luck in the future and for putting up with our questions and pictures.

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