Wildcats Pursuing Offensive Linemen

The coaching change at Oklahoma State has forced one of its' offensive linemen to re-open recruiting and start taking visits. Recruited by the K-State coaching staff prior to making a verbal commitment to the Cowboys, the Cats are looking to bring him in for an official visit.

One of the top OL prospects in the state of Texas, Irving High's Chris Hall is now looking at opening up recruiting. The 6-5, 280-pound tackle prospect was one of the Oklahoma State Cowboys most enthusiastic verbal pledges until recently. Although still committed to the pokes, Hall went through a recruiting frenzy in the days after the coaching change at Oklahoma State and admits he is re-evaluating his decision.

"With Coach Miles leaving I have taken a step back and I am just trying to take a look at everything right now. I am trying to look at some things in recruiting. Right now I have to say Oklahoma State is number one because I am committed there and they are number one and there is a reason I am committed there. You know Stillwater has not changed even though Coach Miles has left. You know with me not even meeting my Offensive line Coach face to face though, I do think I need to take a glance and some other schools."

As far as teams recruiting Hall currently, he says Kansas State is attempting to bring him in for an official visit but there are a couple schools ahead of K-State that he has scheduled visits.

"Well, my number two schools is a different story. There are a handful of schools I am looking at right now. Right now I am looking at a couple other schools and I already took a trip to (Texas) Tech last weekend. After that I would have to throw in Texas, Arkansas and Texas Tech, they are all at number two. " said Hall.

Just about as candid as you can get, Chris Hall says that Kansas State is still recruiting him but that they are on the outside looking in right now- although that could change if he decides to visit.

"Yes sir, I do think Kansas State is on the outside looking in, they are a great school and there is a good relationship there with the coaches."

Hall who plans to visit the remaining schools recruiting will schedule the schools back to back in an effort to help make up his mind.

"Well I am going to take some visits still and go for a couple of days to each school one right after the other as things are getting pretty tight and hopefully things will settle down that weekend and I can look at everything and make a decision."

With plans to visit the other schools mentioned, the Cats do have a window of opportunity to bring in Hall on the 28th of January.

"Yes sir the 28th is open and I have been talking with Kansas State about a visit then. But hopefully I will have everything I need to know before that weekend. I had thought I would make it out there but I have to be honest and I called the coaches to let them know that I won't be taking that visit."

The Wildcats clearly are a long shot to land Hall but it is not for lack of effort on the coaching staff.

"I have a really good relationship with Coach Stanley. He used to coach here (Irving High) before he went to Kansas State. They have been calling me a lot and Coach Snyder was going to come down. Kansas State is just a great school and I like a lot of things about Kansas State but it would be really hard getting me that far away from Texas. I was just honest with them and the coaches there have done things right and recruited me the right way. Kansas State is a great school and is going to win some ball games. They are going to win the Big 12 in a couple two, three years again but I just have to be honest and getting me that far away from Texas would be hard."

The window of opportunity is open ever so slightly for a visit to Kansas State on the 28th but Hall says unless something happens on his visits elsewhere, a trip to Manhattan on the 28th, although open is not likely.

In talking with Chris, I can tell you that whoever lands this recruit is getting one heck of a ball player and person. Chris was very honest and much like before- just a great guy to talk to and even better person.

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