Florida Running Back to Visit Kansas State

With the loss of Darren Sproles, Kansas State is looking to the state of Florida to replenish the running back position. One prospect has just recently emerged as a RB prospect for the Cats is Tampa Bay (Fla.) Chamberlain running back Jordan Wilson, who says he will make an official visit this weekend to Kansas State.

With the loss of one of the best running backs to wear a Kansas State jersey, the Wildcat coaching staff is faced with the unenviable task of replacing Darren Sproles and replenishing the running back position. Looking to the state of Florida, the Cats will host Tampa Bay's Jordan Wilson, who will take an official visit to Manhattan this weekend.

"Yes sir, I am going to take a visit to K-State this weekend. They started recruiting me about a month or so ago and I am going to go up there and take a look and make a trip," Wilson told KStateFans.

When we spoke with Jordan, he said he is currently 5-foot-11 and roughly 170 pounds and although some schools are recruiting him to play different positions, there are a couple schools that are standing out right now.

"Well, EK (Eastern Kentucky) they have been recruiting me for awhile. I made a trip there last weekend and really liked it there. They are probably first right now because they have been recruiting me for while and I made my trip there. EK's head coach was here the other night (in-house visit). Also, Florida Atlantic. I like them too but they are a division two school. Kansas State is there. They just started recruiting me but it is division one and a Big 12 school," said Wilson.

One thing that Wilson says stands out for him is Darren Sproles and the Big 12 conference.

"Well Kansas State had the one running back that is kind of the same as me and he was a Heisman contender for them. Plus it is in the Big 12 conference and division I. K-State is just a larger school and I know with the running back they had leaving, they need someone and that is something I like too."

Running Backs Coach, Michael Smith is recruiting Wilson for the Cats.

"Coach Smith is recruiting me for K-State and I talk to him all the time. I have him in my cell and we talk to each other pretty regular."

At 5-foot-11 and with a consistent forty time ranging in the 4.5's, Wilson who plays both cornerback and running back for his high school says that schools are recruiting him for different positions.

"EK is recruiting me mostly as a running back but they have talked to me some about playing cornerback for them. Florida Atlantic, well I spoke with Coach Hoza and they are recruiting me as a cornerback. Coach Smith and Kansas State are recruiting me as a running back," said Wilson before adding "Basically I just want a place where I feel comfortable. Distance is really not a factor, I mean I do not want to go someplace far away from home and not be comfortable. I am just looking for the right mix."

In terms of playing for the Cats, Wilson says he has done his research on Kansas State.

"Coach Smith has told me I have a good chance of playing for them. I looked at them and have done some research on them and they have a lot of good running backs but you know. You could change positions and all that they could recruit other running backs and some things that no one talks about. But I think I have a good chance to play for them."

As for playing style, Wilson says he patterns his game off of speed and quickness. Although he has not run the forty since last spring, Jordan says he consistently runs in the low 4.5's.

"My game is basically quickness. I run by vision, if I see a hole I will hit it you know and use my quickness and vision. I am pretty quick and can cut it up there and hit the hole."

Set to take his official visit to Manhattan this weekend, Wilson says there are a couple things he is specifically looking for on his visit. And although the Cats have only recently begun to recruit him, he says he likes the fact he has a chance to compete at running back and is being recruited as a back.

"I am just excited to go down there and check everything out. One thing I guess I am looking for is how I fit in with the coaches and the players there. I want to take a look around too and see the campus and look at the academic side of things too. I want to talk to the academic people there and see what they have to offer. But really it is just finding the right mix and a place that I am comfortable. Being from Florida, that is a ways away and I just want to make sure that I am comfortable there."

Wilson who is fully qualified, picked up almost 1,200 yards on this year for Chamberlain and feels he can play at the next level.

"I think I can play at Kansas State and at a division I school."

Jordan will trip to Manhattan this weekend and we will update his recruitment following his visit.

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