Wildcat Commit being heavily pursued

With signing day a little more then a week away, some schools are still heavily recruiting one of the top recruits in the midland area- Wildcat Commit Nate Prater. Prater who hails from Omaha, Nebraska says he has all but stopped answering the phone due to all the schools attempting to make a late run at the talented Tight End.

In recruiting, it is never over until signing day when recruits will put their names on letters of intent in gyms and offices all over the country. Some schools make late pushes in an attempt to get recruits to visit and change their verbal commitments. Current Kansas State commit Nate Prater says he is not having any of it.

"It is crazy. Iowa State, Kansas and Michigan keep calling and trying to get me to take visits. Michigan keeps trying to come back in the picture wanting me to take a visit up there. I keep telling them all I am a Wildcat but you know, that does not seem to be working. I keep saying, Nah, I am a Wildcat and I am not looking to change my decision. They still keep calling and writing me but really calling. I think I might have to call Coach Snyder and have him call these guys off. You know, No means No," Nate told KStateFans.

So how far are teams going towards trying to change Nate's mind?

"Well I can tell you that Iowa State was up at my schools today. I did not talk to them but they actually took our RB- Robert Wesley's scholarship away. I am not sure about that whole thing or why but they were looking to talk to me and luckily I got out of school at 12:30 today and could get out of there. Man, I need to hurry up and sign these papers," said Prater chuckling.

Prater who says his commitment to K-State is as solid as ever says he has already been working hard and getting ready for the season.

"Man I have been hitting it really hard. I want to be ready. When I get there all I want to do is get in there and start competing. I have been really working hard getting myself ready and trying to prepare. I have been going to the gym and working out 5 days a week. No slacking right now, just working and getting ready to go down there and play."

As for depth chart issues and where Nate sees himself in the rotation when he gets to campus- Prater who currently weighs close to 260 pounds with 4.8 speed says he has been told he will play early and often.

"I have talked to the coaches and right now, KSU only has two TE's on the roster. They travel with three so I know right there I will have a chance to see everything and work myself in but the coaches have been telling me they plan for me to play. I have the size they are looking for and will be able to play on both pass and runs downs, kind of like (Brian) Casey did for them last year. I know that I have a little more speed then Casey so they are going to use me a little differently."

The K-State coaching staff is regarded as some of the best in terms of tailoring offenses towards their personnel and this year holds a few new wrinkles in the offense and some plays already tailored to Prater's skills.

"There are a couple new plays this year that we will have on offense from the NFL. I know the coaches have taken a couple from the Chiefs that they use with their TE sets and will put those together for me this year. Think of Gonzalez and how much he blew up and how they use him and that is how they want to use me sometimes too. They have said that in some circumstances, depending on the team we are playing, they want me playing 90% of the snaps," said Prater.

The Coaching staff will be meeting with Nate this afternoon to go over instructions for signing his letter of intent to K-State and to discuss the Head Start program. Prater says he is just looking forward to getting down to Manhattan and for his phone to go back to normal.

"I cannot wait to be a Wildcat. The only thing stopping me is a piece of paper. I am going to be the first Wildcat to sign- you watch. And really, I would like to have my phone back. Man I never answer that thing anymore with all the schools calling and craziness, I pretty much have to screen all my calls."

In the crazy world of recruiting, this is one recruit the WildcatNation does not need to worry about.

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