Zac Robinson says he is nearing a Decision

Zac Robinson took his official visit to Kansas State Dec. 10th after having tripped to one of the K-State football camps over the summer and taking in a couple Wildcat games in Manhattan. It was at the K-State Football camp that Robinson caught the eye of the Wildcat coaching staff and was offered soon after. After committing to Kansas State, Robinson took an official visit to Oklahoma State. So where does Young Robinson's commitment to Kansas State currently stand?

"Kansas State and Oklahoma State are very even right now," said Robinson. After committing to Kansas State, the coaching staff at Oklahoma State never stopped recruiting Zac Robinson even though they did not think they had a scholarship to offer.

"I went to the Oklahoma State camp and the Oklahoma camp too but it was actually the Oklahoma State coaches that said if Kansas State sees in you what we do they will offer you. Coach Gundy was actually the first to say that they would offer me, Kansas State that is. And they (OSU) just kept recruiting me through the season. But Kansas State was there early on too and have been there," Robinson told KStateFans.

K-State did offer and since that time it has been Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State battle for this young and gifted Quarterback who hails from Littleton Colorado.

"I would say that right now it is 50-50. I have some thinking to do and want to decide sometime later this week," said Robinson.

One thing that Zac says has helped the Cowboys pull even with Kansas State has been the coaching change at OSU.

"Well the coaching change has actually been a positive thing for me. They brought in Coach Fedora from Florida who runs the spread offense and will open things up and Coach Gundy I knew pretty well but I think there is nothing really that stands out right now in either schools favor. Both are really equal right now and I am just trying really not to think about anything tonight and give myself some time. I am just going to try and think through this and then come to a decision later this week."

The Oklahoma State coaches made their in-house visits last week and the Kansas State Coaches seemingly got the final word with the highly talented quarterback.

"I am pretty much done with the visits. There are not going to be any more visits. I am pretty sure we are done with that, so. The K-State coaches came by tonight and I think that will be all."

Coach Miller made an in-house visit to the Robinson house last week and tonight, Head Coach Bill Snyder, Coach Greg Peterson and Coach Del Miller all made their in-house visits with Zac.

"Coach Miller was here last week and he really just answered all the questions we had. We sat down with him and basically just asked questions. Coach Snyder, Coach Peterson and Coach Miller were here tonight and we just kind of wrapped up everything and talked about everything overall. Not a whole lot of new things were talked about."

As far as the in-home, Zac said the visit went very well.

"They (KSU coaches) were here for quite awhile and it was a very good visit. I mean not a whole lot of new things were said but it was a very good visit."

In terms of anything that currently stands out in his mind concerning both schools, Robinson said both schools are very equal right now.

"There is not really anything that sticks out about both. I would say they are both about pretty much equal. They both have great staffs, good college towns and great fans, you know. So, I mean it is going to be tough you know."

Zac parents are both alums of Oklahoma schools – which will play no part in his decision.

"Well you know my parents both went to Oklahoma schools but they have told me that they had their four years at college and now it is my turn. My Dad who went to OU even said he would become the biggest fan of Kansas State or Oklahoma State, wherever I decide to go."

As for intentions of making an official visit to Oklahoma this weekend, Zac told KStateFans he will not be making the trip.

"No, I am not going to make it there (Oklahoma). I am pretty much just down to K-State and Oklahoma State right now and that is it."

Zac says he will have a decision sometime later this week and that he is going to take some time just to sit down, let the coaching visits and official visits sink in and then make a choice.

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