Eugene Germany- Recruiting Quandry

A former USC Trojan commit- Eugene Germany is being courted by some of college football's best programs after asking Southern California for a release. Germany who sits squarely in the middle of some recruiting red tape is seeking his best option for the future- and KStateFans has the latest.

KStateFans spoke to the coach of the one of the most intriguing football prospects of this year's recruiting wars to get the full story and update on Eugene Germany.

"Well right now Eugene is right dead smack in the middle of some serious red tape. You know the story with USC well probably some of what is not being printed is that USC is telling him one thing and it may or may not be true and that is what everyone is looking at. That is what he is trying to find out," said one of Germany's coaches.

Eugene Germany, one of the most highly sought after seniors last year from Pomona Senior High School in Pomona California, was heavily recruited by both Michigan and USC before he choose the Trojans late in the recruiting race. Committing to USC, Germany signed a letter of intent to play for the Trojans and allegedly showed up for practices along with all of the USC signees only to find that USC could not enroll him in school.

What happened next is up for debate. KStateFans was told that Germany then asked for his release from his letter of intent and that USC voided his LOI giving him his release to play D1 football. At issue however is the amount of time Germany practiced with the Trojans – a time frame that may cause Germany to lose eligibility. The NCAA allows a recruit to practice with a team for up to 10 days before the clock starts ticking on his eligibility. Germany is reported as only practicing with USC for a little over 7 days, well under the 10 day rule. And therein lays the rub.

"USC has told Eugene that they have given him his full release and that he will have four years of eligibility but we are not so sure. We have spoken with other schools and if Eugene signs a letter of intent on February the 2nd, we are unsure if he will lose a year or not," said his coach.

Tripping to Kansas State last weekend, many surmised that if Germany enjoyed his visit to Manhattan he would commit to the Wildcats.

"Right now he is just trying to get this whole mess figured out. I know that he really enjoyed his visit to Kansas State and that he can wait until fall in need be to get this worked through. Right now there are some other schools in the mix but I can tell you that Kansas State looks to be one of the favorites right now."

Rumored to be taking a trip to Oregon this weekend, another good sign for the Cats recruiting efforts is that trip will not take place.

"He was going to go to Oregon and you guys will be the first to break that but he is not going to take the trip."

Asked currently where Kansas State stacks up against the other schools currently recruiting Germany.

"Well Michigan is heavily involved here just as they were before but they cannot get him in. Kansas State really is a school that can get him and right now and I think that carries a lot of weight. He really is just trying to get an answer on his eligibility and Kansas State has been sticking by him."

In terms of a decision or whether there is an end to this in terms of clarification on Germany's eligibility.

"Well I can tell you what Kansas State is saying and what they are not saying. What they are not saying is there is a time frame for Eugene. They are telling him that even up to signing day there is a scholarship for him and they are not giving him an ultimatum. They know he has some stuff to work through and I think he can wait until fall if he needs to and they would take him in the fall. He just wants to get this worked through and get an answer. He does not want to sign on signing day and then find out that he has lost eligibility and I am not sure how that all works but what USC is telling him and what other schools are telling him are different. Other schools are saying he may not have a release and that he would be a limited ship."

K-State continues to recruit Germany and keep in contact.

"Coach Miller continues to keep up with Eugene and they talk. They know where he is at and again they are not telling him if he does not sign on the 2nd that there is not a place for him."

Given that signing day is now less then a week away, I would not look for Germany to make a decision and sign on signing day until after he finds out if he has received a full release from USC. At issue is the 10 day rule and although he his LOI has been voided by USC- the issue of eligibility and limited scholarship is at stake for the talented Linebacker.

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