Eugene Germany looks to Signing Day

In recruiting there are always last minute charges by coaching staffs and late changes of mind by recruits. One of the most intriguing stories of this year's recruiting battles- Eugene Germany looks to make a decision this Wednesday. KStateFans has the latest as of Sunday evening.

One of the most highly touted recruits in the country last year and one of the most heavily recruited recruits this year, former USC commit- Eugene Germany has held those who follow recruiting spellbound over the last month. The former Pomona (Calif.) DE standout who practiced with USC this year but never enrolled in school after pledging to the Trojans in 2004, may end up at Michigan in the end.

Michigan, who recruited Germany heavily out of High School only to be left at the alter, has been recruiting Germany heavily and many are starting to think that Eugene is leaning to Michigan and he will announce for Michigan on signing day.

Pomona High School assistant coach John Brown told KStateFans Sunday evening that it looks to be Kansas State and Michigan right now with a definite team to beat.

"Right now I would say that Kansas State has a really good chance at landing Eugene but then there is Michigan. I think K-State has a shot, heck they have a really good shot but Michigan has been there all along for him and it was really down to Michigan and USC last year. I think K-State has a shot but let's say this, Michigan is the team to beat right now," said Coach Brown.

At play right now are different stories in regards to the eligibility of Germany.

"Well I can tell you that the AD of USC, Mark Jackson I believe his name is and he is saying that Eugene does not need a release at this time but that is conflicting with what the Big 10 is saying. The Big 10 is telling Michigan that they need a release on him. Eugene is really uncertain on the rules right now and that is a big factor. That said, USC has given Michigan a release and he is indicating that Eugene can sign this Wednesday and that he could go anywhere."

For those who have been following Germany's recruitment, it may all come to a close this Wednesday as Eugene is set to announce on signing day.

"That is the plan we discussed this weekend. Eugene is set to announce this Wednesday," said Coach Brown.

Having taken a trip to Manhattan last weekend, Germany is still looking at Kansas State heavily according to his coach.

"Well one thing that Kansas State has going for them right now is it looks like they can get him into school right now. I am not sure Michigan can get Eugene into school right now and that may be a factor too. He may be looking at sitting out a year too."

One scenario is that Germany would have to be considered a transfer, as he did in fact practice with USC and was eligible at the time. Were this to be the case, Eugene would be forced to sit out a year and treated as a transfer.

K-State Coach Miller made his in-home visit with Germany and his family this past week and at this point in time, it looks to be a two team race for the Blue Chip Recruit.

We will have more on this situation as it unfolds with something planeed for Tuesday before signing day arrives.

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