Zac Robinson has a change of Heart

Littleton (Colorado) Chatfield Quarterback reverses decision and decided to change his commitment to Oklahoma State.

Zac Robinson of Littleton's Chatfield HS was one of the first recruits to commit to Kansas State in June following a visit last summer to attend one of K-State's football camps. After committing to Kansas State, the Oklahoma State Cowboys continued to recruit the talented QB from the Rockies, offering him a scholarship in December. Tonight, after much thought, Robinson decided to change his commitment to OSU.

"I am totally done. I am 100%. I am going to go to Oklahoma State. You know I just prayed about it a lot and in the end I went with my heart. I have a bunch of family down in Oklahoma that will be 45 minutes away both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles who have gone to OSU. Also the coaches. Coach Fedora and Coach Gundy- I really like those guys and the offense that they are going to run," Robinson told KStateFans.

Robinson who never made it to the rumored Oklahoma visit this weekend, said there was a definite time that he knew he wanted to change his commitment to OSU.

"After the official visit I was kind of leaning that way (OSU) but I wanted to make sure I made the right decision. I wanted to let the coaches come in and have their final word and then weight that. I just took the weekend and did not think about it at all for a couple of days and then started to think about it today. We were actually at the CU/OSU basketball game tonight but uh it was too loud and I kind of knew probably Saturday that I was going to switch. I probably knew Saturday," said the 6-foot-2 quarterback.

In terms of competition, Robinson says he was not affected by the depth charts at either school or current commits.

"Not at all. Yea, that was not part of it at all. I really did not look at who was committed or not. "

Robinson called the OSU coaches first to let new HC Gundy know of the news and then followed that call with a more somber call to the Kansas State Staff.

"I spoke with Coach Miller and he was honest and told me he thought I was leaning that way and that he was disappointed, that he wanted to be able to coach me for the next 4 to 5 years and then just kind of told me that he wished me the best of luck. I guess he was disappointed with my decision, you could tell in the tone of his voice but I think he understood."

Zac had this to say about his decision to make the change of commitment.

"When Coach Gundy left our house last Sunday night, I was really close to just doing it right there. I was really close to just committing then. But my parents though said just wait, let the other coaches come in and hear them out. And then the visit with Coach Snyder and Coach Miller and Peterson went good and then just really Thursday and Friday and then Saturday I guess we just all really talked about it and it just all came real clear," Robinson told KStateFans Sunday evening.

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