Wildcats Hoping for a Last Minute Change of Heart

Although he has told the Coaches he will not be coming to Kansas State, after meeting with him last week, Coach Snyder has informed him he will still send him a LOI from the Cats. Looking for a last second change of mind, Coach Snyder have not given up and continue to recruit this Wildcat target all the way until signing day.

Garden City Defensive Tackle, Rodney Allen who was considered a Kansas State lock after taking an official trip to Manhattan in mid-January will sign with another school today. Allen who admitted to KStateFans that it was all but a done deal and that he was 99% sure he would sign with K-State, will sign with Kansas today on National Signing Day.

"Yes sir, I met with the Kansas State Coaches. Coach Snyder basically told me that he was not giving up on me and that they (K-State) wanted me to play for them. But I am signing with Kansas," said the star JUCO DT.

Allen, who at one point was heavily favoring the Cats, changed his mind after the Kansas coaching staff convinced him to take a last minute trip to Lawrence before committing to K-State.

"Really it was the trip down there that did it. I am going to Kansas and just really happy with everything. Coach Snyder said he was going to have a LOI (letter-of-intent) for me and will have it there for me to look at but I am going to sign the one that says Kansas. I respect them (KSU Coaching Staff) for continuing to recruit me- they have not given up on me but I have made my decision," said Allen Tuesday evening.

Asked if there would be any mixed feelings with two LOI's sitting in front of him, Allen admitted that he was honored but that he is solid to Kansas.

"Of course that is something that anyone would be very happy to have, I mean heck you have two schools that want you. K-State told me they wanted me and they also let me know they need me and I can play there but I can play at Kansas too and I just felt at peace there and so that is why I guess I made the decision I did and now all that is left is to sign," stated Allen.

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