Willie Williams leaning to One School

The talented Hutchinson Jr. College Defensive Tackle- Willie Williams told KStateFans he has it down to two teams right now -- but he is currently leaning to one school right now as he heads to his coaches office to sign his Letter of intent.

National signing day means stress and telling one coach No. The process currently has Willie Williams the Star Defensive Tackle from Hutchinson JUCO stressing out a little bit.

"Man this whole thing is really stressful right now. I mean it has come right down to it and things seem to really be, well I don't know it is just really stressful right now. A lot of pressure," Williams told KStateFans early Wednesday morning.

Currently down to two schools, Kansas State and Troy State- the talented DT says that he was leaning to Troy State last week but that he has changed his mind a couple times already this morning.

"Yes sir, I was leaning to Troy State when we talked (Monday) but right now it is really close to tell you the truth. I am not sure what I am going to do just yet."

Williams who is originally from the State of Georgia says that he has spoken with his family and their input in his decision is very important.

"I have spoken with my parents and they are fine with either school. They just told me that they will support either decision. They are all about the education. They want me to get a good education and as long as I get a good education they will support my decision," said an exasperated Williams.

Asked how things have been leading up to signing day, Willie had this to say about the process in the past 24 hours.

"Man it is crazy. My phone has been blowing up. I mean it started ringing real early this morning you know. It is kind of getting to me a little bit and I am trying to think things through right now."

Down to the Cats and the Trojans, Willie did say he is currently leaning to one school although it may change.

"To tell you the honest truth, I am kind of leaning to Troy State right now. I am leaning there just a little mainly because it is closer to home I guess. But my parents said that distance really is not a factor, they are concerned with my education," said Williams.

Currently preparing to head over to Hutchinson and his coaches office where he will sign his letter-of-intent in the next hour or so, Willie said he is looking forward to make his decision.

"I am going to probably head over there and get this done. I am probably going over there in the next two hours or so and will sign my letter (of intent) over in coaches office. Yes sir it has been stressful so I am ready to get this done I think."

We will have an update on Willie's decision after he signs his letter of intent as we expect to talk to Willie directly following his signing.

As of close to 8 am- the WildcatNation has the latest information on where Willie will announce as he heads to his coaches office to formalize the decision.

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