David Dixon Unlikely to Announce

One of the most talented Linebackers you will find anywhere in the country- Hutchinson AA LB- David Dixon will more then likely not announce or sign today.

"I would be really surprised if David announces today. I know that the coaching staff from Kansas State was in here the other day again talking to David when they were visiting with Willie but I would be really surprised if he did anything. Right now he is just behind the gun in terms of work he would need to do to catch up and play," said Coach Jersild.

Currently with some academic issues, it had been rumored that Dixon would go to Canada or transfer but that does not seem to be the case.

"David's best option in my opinion would be to go to division II and the maybe go to a combine. He has a lot of work left to make up and I am not sure he can. If he cannot he could not be available to play anytime soon and right now there is a plan in place- I just hope he can stick to it and be ready in a year," Coach Jersild told KStateFans Wednesday afternoon.

Kansas State continues to recruit David Dixon and all indications are that there is still work to be completed along the academic front before David would be eligible to play. If he fulfilled the academic requirements to be eligible to play DI football, it appears that timeframe would be one year in the making.

"Right now it looks like Kansas State has mapped something out for David and it would be about a year and then he would be ready to go for them. He needs to make up a bunch of work right now but it is there for him if he wants it."

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