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Carrollton Smith DT Jonathan Lewis says the rehab on his knee has been successful and he is looking forward to adding a couple of things to the tradition of K-State Defense.'s Texas Hot 100 #19 and four star recruit -Jonathan Lewis who will start his career at Rush Defensive End for the Cats and says he is happy to get past signing day and all the calls. Lewis is a guy that has tremendous upside and speed that is capable of wreaking havok in the backfield and able to lead a block party meeting at the QB.

"You know Texas Tech made a late run at me. I had actually set up a trip to Texas Tech and was going to visit there until I sat down with my coach and talked things through. You know, Kansas State was the first to offer me and they stood right behind me with my knee injury. Coach Elliott was always there for me though all of it. I knew I wanted to go to Kansas State so I cancelled my visit. I had to tell my High School Coach to stop letting schools come by to see me. There was pressure when other coaches showed up to come by and I just wanted to end all of that," Lewis told KStateFans following Signing Day.

One of the many jewels in this year's defensive class for Kansas State, Jonathan Lewis has the speed and size to play at both defensive end and defensive tackle when he hits Manhattan. A rare combination of both size and speed, Lewis says he would prefer to start his career at defensive end and has been told by the coaching staff his services are needed.

"The K-State coaches have told me there are some spots up for grabs and that in order to play I need to work hard but they are there. Really the only thing holding me up has been my knee. I can go as far as my knee will let me and the rehab has gone very well."

Already well versed in the tradition that is K-State Defense, Lewis says he is looking forward to getting to Manhattan and adding whatever he can to keeping the tradition of excellence alive.

"I have talked with both Coach Latimore and Coach Elliott and I know the tradition that is there. There have been some players that have come through and they have made them into a defensive powerhouse and I just want to add my own to that and help keep that alive. I feel like I can come in and add something to this and help keep that going."

Lewis, who says he is working hard putting himself in a position to work towards breaking into the rotation, says he is glad that signing day is over.

"It is all over now and I gotta tell you I am glad to get it over with. I am going to Kansas State and things have settled down again and I can get back to just concentrating on the things I need to do."

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