Texas RB has a few 'Dream Schools'

Houston Texas defensive back Conelius Brown of Forest Brook High School is already putting togegher a highlight tape and gearing up for recruiting. With a list of favorites, there are two that stand out already for this RB.

Forest Brook High School (Houston, Tx) Defensive Back, Conelius Brown says he is already putting a highlight tape together and is gearing up for recruiting. Brown, who is currently 5'11 and almost 180 pounds, says he is looking at some of the schools in-state already but he has two schools in particular that are his "dream schools,"

"Kansas State and Kansas are my dreams schools. Right now I am looking at UTEP and Texas and Texas Tech but K-State and Kansas, those two schools are where I would really like to go," said Brown.

Brown, describes his style of play as more patterned for the safety or coverage corner position.

"Right now I am still working on my speed some. I would say that I play coverage corner better right now. I mean I can play bump and run off the line but I think I am better suited for dropping back and coverage right now. I have 9 career interceptions and can get up to break up the ball."

In terms of recruiting, Brown says he has only gotten a few letters from the schools he is currently interested in but that he is in no rush to speed anything up. Conelius has plans to attend a couple camps this summer as well as the 7-on-7 tournament at the University of Houston later this spring.

"We really do not have a spring game or anything for the team in the spring but some of us are going to go play in the 7-on-7 later. That will be good so that I can keep up and playing and see what is out there."

Of the two schools Brown covets, we asked if he had a leader between K-State and Kansas.

"Oh Kansas State. I just like the way they play defense and how they use their d-backs. At K-State, they have a tradition of great defense. I just like the way they play there and their reputation for defense," said Brown.

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