Junior Focus- QB Ryan Holt

One of the prospects on K-State's list of recruits early in the recruiting season, this QB says he is looking at a couple schools early on and will be attending their camps.

Louisburg (KS) High School Quarterback, Ryan Holt is already preparing himself for the fall, working out with a strength and speed coach and in general getting ready for another season of football. This season however could hold the key to Ryan's desire to showcase his talents and earn scholarship offers from his favorite schools.

"Well last year I was pretty much surrounded by a running game style of offense. We really did not throw the ball that much and I think that that has had a lot to do with my stats and how some schools look at me. That is all going to change though as this year we are completely changing our offense and are going to line up 4 and 5 wide receivers and throw the ball all over the field," said Holt.

At 5-foot-11 and 181 pounds, Holt is not the prototypical drop back QB prospect, lacking the height that some college programs covet.

"With my height I am not the tallest QB, but I can play and I know that I can play in college. I have been working with a speed coach to get my speed down and he thinks he can get me down in the low 40's. I am not sure how low but even in the 4.4 range, my speed alone should get me some looks."

Although he will be highlighted in a passing offense this season, Ryan says his favorite style of offense is one with the option sprinkled in with a passing game.

"I am all for the option. Any offense with the option is going to turn my head and have me looking. I just really like running the ball and pretty much everything about the option style of offense and then when you mix in the pass, well I am just all for the option."

Growing up in Kansas, Holt says that he is looking very heavily at Kansas State and Kansas and has gotten letters from both of the schools already.

"I have been getting letters from them, you know just basically telling me that they are interested in me and will be recruiting me this year." said Holt.

Although giving serious consideration to both K-State and Kansas, Holt says that Nebraska is the one school that currently is a slight leader over everyone early in the recruiting season.

"Right now if I had to choose anywhere to go it would be Nebraska. Kansas State and Kansas are right there and of the in-state schools K-State is my favorite but if I could go anywhere there is just something about that offense that Coach Callahan brought in there and I would probably say Nebraska is my favorite but just barely. Other times I just think I would like to stay at home and play here too and both K-State and Kansas are there too," said the star QB from Louisburg.

Looking to increase his exposure, Holt says that he plans to attend camps at Kansas State, Kansas and maybe Nebraska and see how things play out from there.

"I already have plans to go to Kansas State and Kansas' camps and then maybe Nebraska too and then just kind of see how things go after that. I would like to see some of the other kids from around the state and just check things out."

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