Junior Focus: Jon Hargis

Growing up a Kansas State Fan because his grandfather attended K-State, Defensive Tackle Jon Hargis of Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona says that he is looking at the Big 12 and is already picking up attention for Big 12 schools.<br>

This talented DT from Arizona says he is looking at mostly Pac 10 schools right now but that is just because mostly Pac 10 schools have seen him play and because of proximity.

“Well right now I am looking at everything and open but Texas Tech has really started to give me a lot of attention. I am looking at a lot of Pac 10 schools right now but that is mostly because of the connections here to the local high schools and a lot of the kids here end up going to Pac 10 schools,” said Jon Hargis.

Right in the backyard of Arizona State, Hargis says he already has a top list he is looking at of schools that have grabbed his attention early.

“It is still really early and I know that I have a lot of time. I am going to take in the Stanford camp and take a look around and I will probably trip to some other camps and just try and look around. I know a lot about ASU already and have seen the campus and everything……My top five schools right now are ASU, UoA, Texas Tech, Kansas State and USC.”

At 6-foot-4 and 295 pounds with a 5.2 forty, Hargis raked up 92 tackles from his nose guard position at Red Mountain. Hargis who says he can play any of the positions along the line, says his style of play allows him to both put pressure as well as provide run support.

“We play a 3-4 so I get double teamed quite a bit and that is ok, I still get sacks and get to the quarterback. You know I can really play any of the spots on the line it does not matter to me. I try and play assignment football and take care of my responsibilities out there and then go make plays. When I am turned loose, I like putting the heat on and then I like stuffing things at the line too. I just really like it all to be honest.”

Hargis says his interest in K-State is due to his grandfather.

“Well my grandfather went there so I know he would be happy to see me go there too. I do not know a whole lot about them except what he has told me but the Big 12 is a good conference and right now I am just open. I would like to check them out and I still have a lot of time.”

Although mainly looking at Pac 10 schools at this point due to proximity, Hargis says that he is looking for the right school and wherever that is, distance is not a factor.

“Well distance really is not a big deal to me. I can go anywhere and be happy. I just want to go and find the right place. Distance is not going to play a major factor in my decision- I mean I would like to play close to home but if I found the right place for me- then I am not going to let the distance mess that up,” Hargis told KStateFans.

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