Wildcat Linebacker Preparing for Arrival

With five returning linebackers coming back for the Cats- four of whom are seniors- the linebacking position has become a critical area that the coaching staff needed to address in this years recruiting class. The Coaching staff went out and signed four linebackers and due to razor thin depth at the position, all four signees will look to compete for playing time in one form or fashion upon arrival in Manhattan. Sacramento Union's Reggie Walker is one that looks to compete immediately.

Already having the commitment of the best LB in the state of Kansas in Mackenzie Rosel from Liberal Kansas, the coaching staff turned their attention to finding another player who could come in and help the Wildcats at linebacker. The search took the Cats to the West Coast and Sacramento, California prospect Reggie Walker.

Reggie is a rare blend of both size and speed at 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds with legitimate 4.5 speed in the forty. Walker who is capable of playing any of the three LB positions says he is in constant contact with Coach Cost and has been told report ready to compete for playing time.

"I talk to Coach Cosh a lot and we just talk about how everything is going in the weight room and how they are depending on me being ready to go. I take that really seriously. What they have me working on though is something I really am not used to you know. They have me doing some different things in the weight room that I have never really seen. Most of everything I have is just natural ability. I mean I can throw up 290 on the bench and I really never worked out that much- I just went out there and did it. But this program, some of this I have not even ever seen. I am to 320 on the bench now and working the program but a lot of this is really new for me," Reggie told KStateFans.

Reggie who says he is working out at least three times a week on the current "Head Start" program says he is looking forward to reporting to Manhattan in mid-June and getting down to business and working out more.

"Right now I got to take care of that danged Drama class or I am not going to playing ball at all," Reggie says chuckling. " I need to take care of the classes and school and then after that it is all about getting down there and working out. Honestly I cannot slack off on drama though- they got me in there man. Seriously, that is what I got to take care of right now instead of hitting it at the gym."

With limited time balancing school and workouts, Walker says there is one thing he finds time to work on no matter what and that is running. Regardless of the time allotments elsewhere, speed and endurance are at the top of Reggie's list.

" I have been running a lot. Sometimes I do not have the time to go workout everyday but I run a lot and I work on my speed. I think if I can come in with my wind and in shape and work on my endurance to the point I can run all over the field all day- that is what I need to do to put myself in a position to play. I want to play and get out there strong no doubt but right now I got to take care of everything and make sure I get in my workouts- but no matter what I find time to run. That is what is going to help me on the field and I do not care if it is starting but I want to play. If I come down there and am not playing- to me that is failure. Anything less is failure and I can't have that," said Walker.

Looking to add 10 pounds of muscle before the curtain falls on summer, Walker says his priority is maintaining his speed. In talking with Coach Cosh, Reggie says he will begin his career for the Cats at weakside linebacker.

"Right now I am trying to do everything they want me to do in terms of working out and the program they have me on but it is hard. I mean how much they want you to eat and stuff. I do not have that much food. I mean I cannot afford to go out and buy the stuff they are talking about. Around here we go out and do everything on natural ability. I mean I cannot wait to get down there and be able to get in their weight room and be able to eat what they want me to do. We go out and hit guys 2 and 3 times bigger then us and lay it on them and I call that just heart and wanting to get it done. I want to add 10 pounds of muscle once I get down there and keep my speed up and to me, once I have all the tools to work with- there is no telling what I can do. We just do not have everything like that out here and so you get it done and find a way to do it without," Walker told KStateFans.

Reggie and his coach are putting together a highlight video that Reggie says is about 90% done. " I am hoping to get that done so everyone can see me and knows who I am. I check out your site all the time and am amazed that everyone knows who I am and my stats. K-State has some crazy fans that really love their program. I do not want to disappoint them- tell everyone I said Hey and I am looking forward to getting down there and joining the program."

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