New Basketball Prospect?

Coach Wooldridge and staff are set to speak with a couple of players later this week. One of which may be new to basketball fans collowing Kansas State Recruiting this year.

True Signing day did in fact come and go and the Cats did not ink anyone....yet.

According to Coach Mark Bernsen of Moberly Area CC, Coach Wooly is indeed recruiting guards Maurice Gibbs and Eddie Smith and both have heavy interest in Kansas State.

That said, Gibbs and Smith may not be the only ones signing letters of intent to play for Coach Wooly and the Cats when the smoke clears.

"I know Coach Wooldridge is really interested in our big guy, Kewain Gant. Right now, because of our late start and how our schedule plays out- we just really have not had a whole lot of time to get our kids with the coaches and to really recruit. And I am not really sure how K-State's roster reads but I know that Coach Wooldridge is interested in Kewain right now and that he is really looking at them as well," Coach Bernsen told KStateFans.

Currently recruiting guards, both 6-foot-1 and both originally hailing from Illinois in Eddie Smith and Maurice Gibbs- Kewain Gant is a player that does pretty much everything for the Greyhounds.

"Kewain averages a double double for us night in and night out. He is a post up player and gets it done primarily down in the paint for us. He is a very good athlete and just really solid around the basket. He can shot as well, it is not all just posting up but he is a big guy that can move and create some things for you down low," said Coach Bernsen.

A 6-foot-7 sophomore from Charleston, Missouri- Gant will be talking with the Wildcat Coaching staff later this week.

"Actually, I was expecting a call from the K-State coaches this morning. I know that they are going to be down here later this week talking to Maurice, Eddie and Kewain and I was expecting them to call this morning."

With the coaching staff set tentatively to speak with each player sometime this week, all indications are that recruiting is heating up for the Cats.

"Anything can happen in recruiting but each of these guys (Gibbs, Smith and Gant) are interested in K-State right now, along with some other teams so it depends on what Kansas State is looking for right now."

We will have more on the recruitment of Gant later this week. Stay tuned…………

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