Gary Chandler- Ready to Move to DB

When Gary Chandler attends Kansas State later this summer for practice, he will have given up the running back position he played in high school for K-State's defensive backfield. He will have spent countless hours working out in the Wichita Heights' weight room and hopefully be prepared for K-State.

Gary Chandler, the heralded RB from Wichita Heights High School, is part of a recrutiing haul that will concentrate on supplanting specific positions along the defensive side of the ball. Chandler, along with a select few other Cat signees, could see the playing field early at a couple different positions. And the thought of early playing time has this 2005 signee preparing for the possibility.

Unlike other Wildcat signess however, Chandler will also take with him to Manhattan knowledge, of what college football is about, from family members who played the game.

Chandler's father, Gary, played at Tulsa, is uncle Vic was letter winner at defensive end for K-State.

His other uncle, Dewayne was al All-Big Eight tight end at the University of Kansas in 1992. "We talk about how different it will be when I get down there, they have played and I get a lot of pointers on what I need to do in the classroom and other wise," Chandler said.

Initially, before signing with K-state, Chandler received encouragement from both of his uncles to attend their respective schools. However, Chandler said he wanted to play football at K-State since his freshman year of high school and choosing the school wasn't a tough decision. He always wanted to go to K-State and play football.

"I went to (K-State's) the Wichita camp and did good there, a lot of coaches were there then and they were interested in me," he said.

At the camp, Chandler was able to get to know K-State coaches better. He signed with the school during the spring signing period.

Another factor in Chandler's decision was watching Rashaad Washington play at K-State. Washington is a Wichita native, who has played a lot of defense for the Wildcats. Since signing, Chandler has talked with Washington about what playing football and going to school at K-State will be like at K-State.

With the aforementioned knowledge, Chandler said there is a need to physically be prepared when practice starts later this summer. Currently, he is working to ensure a smooth transition into college football.

Chandler works out each day during school in the Wichita Heights' weight room and sometimes after school. As part of the program, Chandler has studied the film K-State coaches have given him, which shows him how the correct techniques for the core and elliptical lifts.

He now understands the techniques and it is another step in getting ready to play college football.

"I mean you got to be prepared," Chandler said. "It is hard working out every day, but you do it for a reason."

As a high school football player, Chandler was a dominant running back at Wichita Heights. He rushed 260 times for 1,905 yards and 28 touchdowns. This fall, he expects to enter K-State's system as a defensive back, specifically at corner back. In the defensive scheme that the Cats employ, Cornerback is THE cornerstone at times to a scheme designed to blitz and apply pressure. It is also the pressure position where a player is left on his own with no support and asked to shut down the oppossing team's best wide reciever.

"I am thinking a lot more corner, special teams, kickoff return things like that, wherever they put me, I am ready to play," Chandler said. "I won't be picky about anything."

Large shoes to fill and Chandler is aware of the list defensive backs that have played at K-State like Terrance Newman, Jarrod Cooper, Jaime Mendez and Chris Canty.

"I am just ready to work like those guys did to get better, those are some really big footsteps to fill," he said.

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