Busy Summer Ahead

One of the top recruits in the midlands region plans to stay very active this summer, travelling to different camps and touring the schools he is interested in.

If scholarships were always based on speed, Ryan Fisicaro would easily be one of the most highly recruited prospects in the Midlands. The problem that exists, seeing that Fisicaro has yet to receive an offer, is that all his film is on the offensive side of the ball when the majority of schools project him on the defensive side of the ball.

"I don't really care where I play just as long as I'm helping out the team," said Fisicaro. "All of the schools have basically told me they want to see me in a day of camp as a lot of them project me for either safety or linebacker. It'll take me a little bit to get use to hitting people, but I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it more than being hit."

In the month of May, Fisicaro received calls from Nebraska, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, and Ohio.

"Coach (Scott) Downing from Nebraska gave me a call, and I thought he was a great guy. I can't come to their camp as I'm coming off a hamstring injury I'm still recovering from, but I do plan to attend Stanford, and possibly, Colorado's camps later this month, in addition, to one day of Iowa State's elite camp in late July. Both Kansas and Kansas State wanted me to come to one day of their camps, but the dates also didn't work out with my injury. I know they all will be watching my senior film, though, and I'll being a lot more defense this fall," stated Fisicaro.

Having recorded personal bests of 10.67 and 22.44 in the 100 and 200, there is no question that his speed and size will gain the interest of some program.

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