Top DT is thinking out of State

Brandon Antwine, a 6-foot-2, 270-pound defensive tackle from Garland, Texas has become one of the hottest pursued recruiting prospects from the lonestar state this year. Already ranked as one of the top prospects in the State of Texas on's 2006 class rankings, Antwine has further upped his stock with strong showings at recent combines.

Brandon Antwine at 6-foot-2 and 270 pounds has both the size and speed to play a couple of positions on the defensive line and his versatility and athleticism has programs from all over the country lining up to recruit this blue chipper. That said, Antwine told KStateFans that he already has a good indication of the schools he is interested in and where it is he would like to go to college.

"There are a couple of schools that I am looking at a little harder then others but right now I can tell you that I am not looking to go to school here in Texas. I really want to get out of the state and play my college ball somewhere else," Antwine said.

Kansas State has already offered this DT who holds the No. 1 position among DTs in the Texas Hot 100 but Antwine holds a bevy of other offers.

"Offers, yea I have quite a few. I have been offered by just about everyone in the Big 12. I have been offered by Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas State, Kansas, Texas Tech, Missouri I think, Iowa State, Utah, UTEP, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Arizona State. That is what I can think of off right now but I think I have about 40 offers right now," said Antwine.

A very physical player who craves contact, Antwine says he loves the physical nature of football and playing and controlling the line of scrimmage.

"I love the contact and trying to take over and dominate. In the trenches in really where it all happens and that is where the games are won. I like being set against some one else and then taking over. This is where all the action is and when you have the physical ability to control the line, everything else is set up from that. Everything else goes through the line and when it gets down to it, that is where the game is won and lost."

Antwine played almost exclusively last year as a defensive tackle but this year his high school coach will give him double duty and have him play on the offensive side of the ball as well at the TE or FB position in certain situations.

"I love being in the trenches," said Antwine. "That is where everything starts and where it ends. It is where all the action is. I think if you team can control the trenches then you win the game and that is my job to control the trenches."

Although he says he would like to play out of state, Antwine does say that the Big 12 conference is something he might like to be a part of and Kansas State is a school under consideration.

"Well I am not going to break it down into schools that I am not looking at and the Big 12 conference really speaks for itself. They play a very good style of ball in the Big 12 that fits me and there are a couple schools I am looking at in the Big 12. Kansas State is a school that I have on my list and a school that I am looking at but my main schools right now are USC who will probably offer me this summer, Florida, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa State," said Antwine.

Specifically in terms of Kansas State, Antwine says that his decision will not be based strictly on football and that academics plays a big factor in his decision.

"Kansas State is a school that I am still considering. Being part of the Big 12 the competition could not be any better and it is also a school that is out of state and not too far that my family could not see me play. Academics too is going to be a big part of where I choose to go and I the academic programs each school offers is something I am going to take a close look at. I have no idea how long I am going to be playing football so I need to get that degree and think about my future also," Antwine told KStateFans.

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