Dixie DT has Cats Out Front

One of the top DT's in the South, Coach Lattimore is looking to pull one of the South's finest from the state of Georgia. With Kansas State in his top two, this DT says he that it is a two horse race at this time.

Deep in the heart of Dixie, not a refrain most Wildcat fans have come to know but that may all change this year with Fort Valley, Georgia defensive tackle Samuel Chester. Defensive Line coach Mo Lattimore is in the process of trying to take one of the best DT's out of the heart of the South.

"Coach Lattimore has just been talking Kansas State up to me and you know to be honest, I really did not know pretty much anything about them until Coach Lattimore. Coach is from here (Coach Lattimore graduated from Henry Alexander Hunt HS in Fort Valley, Ga.) and he has been calling me and letting me know about them," Chester told KStateFans.

Easily one of the top talents in the south, Chester who drips with potential and talent has work to do in the classroom and for this reason alone, has found that many programs across the country have backed off on his recruitment.

"Right now I still have some things I need to take care of academically to be ready but I am getting that going and trying to make sure I will be ready," said Chester.

At 6 foot 4 and 270 pounds, Chester says he likes to play a very physical style of play and is not afraid of mixing it up with anyone.

"I like to talk trash and see what you are all about. Mind you, I can back that trash up but I am going to come after you and knock you about, knock you down, hit you in the mouth and then I am going to talk at you. I want to see what you are all about and let you know I am going to be there, I am going to be hitting you and I am going to be putting hurt on you."

Always looking for talent along the defensive line, especially players who can step in and give the Cats minutes- Chester fits the mold of a player who could come into the program and contend for time in the rotation.

"Kansas State is a place I think I can go and play. You know I get letters and I talk to Coach Lattimore a lot and he lets me know they want me and what the school is all about Man, that purple and White is tight. I really like the colors to tell you the truth and it is just a place I think I can come in and play. I think I can really help them out along there (DT position) and come in and play early. That really has me looking at them. I am going to take a trip up there and check them out," says Chester.

Asked currently what other schools he was considering, Chester was quick to say that only two teams stood out for him.

"Kansas State and Auburn. Definitely those two schools. I would say Auburn is my favorite right now but that is only because I know more about them. I want to take a trip to K-State and check out what they got up there but it is so close right now that with what everything thing Coach Lattimore has been telling me. Don't get me wrong, K-State is right there," said Chester laughing.

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