Versatile Athlete Names Top Schools

One of the top athlete/quarterback prospects in the state of Texas, Michael Crabtree of Dallas Carter already has pulled in numerous offers from both in-state as well as out of state schools. With the ability to play a couple of different positions in college, football is not the only sport he may play at the next level.

At 6-foot-one and 190 pounds and playing in one of the most high profile programs in the state of Texas, Quarterback Michael Crabtree says that football is more then likely the sport he will play in college. KStateFans caught up with Michael while he was in California traveling with his AAU team to get his thoughts on recruiting and those schools who are still in the running to sign the ultra-quick athlete.

"Right now I have a couple of schools that I am looking at but Michigan State and Illinois are my top two teams right now," said Crabtree.

A very talented quarterback, Crabtree says that although he may eventually end up on offense, wide receiver is the position he feels most schools are recruiting him to play although Kansas State has told Michael they are recruiting him to possibly play safety for the Cats.

Already holding a Kansas State offer, Michael says he holds offers from Kansas, Texas ATM, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Colorado, Wisconsin and Arizona State with more offers coming.

So who are the top schools that Michael is currently looking at?

"Man there are a bunch of schools that I am looking at. I mean I have not set up any visits yet, I still have basketball and conditioning and football starts for us in two weeks. But right now my top schools are Michigan State and Illinois then after that would probably be Arizona State, Colorado, Georgia and Kansas State," said Crabtree.

With Michigan State and Illinois listed as co-favorites, Michael said he was pleasantly shocked to find that he had picked up offers from both schools with traveling with his AAU squad.

"Well I have not been home to see it but I spoke with my Dad and he said I just got offers from both in the mail the other day (Michigan State and Illinois). I get a lot of mail and he said that both had now offered me too," said Crabtree.

With so many offers, Crabtree says that he is not ready to make any decisions or commit anywhere until after he has taken visits. In terms of current plans, the talented signal caller says he has not had the time to set anything up in terms of visits but that we start thinking about scheduling visits once the season gets underway.

A teammate of another K-State prospect, OL Demarcus Love, Crabtree says that he and Demarcus have been friends since grade school and that although they have not discussed it in-depth, they have thought about going to the same school and playing together.

"Demarcus and I have been tight since we were kids. We have talked about playing together you know but he has some different schools then I do. But that would be cool if we could play together."

With is speed and size, Crabtree is a player who intrigues college coaches and the hardest part of the recruiting process thus far for coaches is figuring out what position to do you recruit the versatile athlete?

"That is the hardest part I think for the coaches. I mean I think my best position in college is going to be wide receiver. Some are talking to me about playing on defense and that's cool but I think I would probably make a better receiver."

In talking with Michael, one thing that stood out is that he is currently evaluating all his options and taking a look at which schools are recruiting him and at what position.

"I am just trying to take a look at what each school offers and where they want me to play. I mean I think wide receiver probably is my best position but then some coaches are telling me that they could see me playing defense for them. I can play both but I am going to take a look at that," said the signal caller from Dallas.

Although he has been traveling with his AAU team this summer, stopping at Las Vegas before going on to California where we caught up with him, Michael says that football is the sport he will play in college.

"Man, I would love to play both but that is not going to happen. I mean if I could find a school that I could play both that would be cool but yea football is the sport that everyone is recruiting me for."

In terms of Kansas State, Crabtree says that he likes the option oriented offense that Coach Bill Snyder employs and that the Big 12 conference is one of the best in the country.

"Kansas State mixes it up and plays the option and then they will go up top and air it out too. I like that they have a good tradition of winning and that they play in one of the best conferences."

We will have more on this recruit as the season progresses, stay tuned……

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