Wildcats Target Florida Signal Caller

Thaddeus Lewis is an athletic quarterback prospect from South Florida who plays for Hialeah (Fla.) Lakes High School. As recruiting starts to heat up, the senior signal caller currently has upwards of ten scholarship offers from schools around the country.

Thaddeus Lewis from Hialeah (Fla.) Lakes High School in South Florida currently has offers from Kansas State, Texas A&M, Clemson, Duke, TCU, Pittsburgh, South Florida, West Virginia, and Rutgers.

An athletic quarterback who says he recently ran a 4.70 flat at a summer camp, Lewis says that he already has an idea of the type of offense he would like to play in at the college level.

"Well right now I am trying to find a program and a school that has a pro style offense. Pro Style I think fits me a little better. Some of the schools that are recruiting me like Texas A&M and Kansas State run a little more of a option style offense. I mean I can do both. I can beat you running but I like to get things done with my arm and throw on you," Lewis told KStateFans.

Of the schools that are currently recruiting him, Lewis admits that there is not really any one school that leads right now and he is wide open in terms of recruitment.

"I really could not tell you that I have a favorite. All of the schools are pretty even. I am open right now. Really all of them are pretty even, I do not have a leader."

As far as distance, Lewis readily contends that it will not be a deciding factor in his decision.

"Leaving the state of Florida is not really an issue with me. Some players it might be but it does not matter much to me. I will go anywhere as long as I feel comfortable there."

Running a 4.7 forty yard dash recently, Lewis says that is not his best time.

"I don't know, I guess it was just an off day. I should have run a little faster and I know that that was not my best forty. I am not really sure what was up, I just did not run my best."

In terms of visits, this prospect says that he is concentrating on his senior season right now and he will look to set up official visits later.

"No sir, not yet. I have not set anything up just yet. I am going to wait until after the football season gets over and then I will set some things up," said Lewis.

Lewis had this to say when asked if there was any one school that was recruiting him harder then the others.

"Not really. Right now no one is really standing out for me. No one school is recruiting me harder I mean I can't really tell. I can tell you that I get a lot of mail from everyone though. They are all sending me mail. I get lots of mail."

"The coaches just kind of showed up at practice and saw me and it really just went from there. After that they offered me and I guess they saw enough to offer me. We run a lot of drills and on the day they came out I think they got to see me throwing the ball a lot that day."

After watching him practice and pouring over game films, Kansas State extended an official offer to Lewis- which caught the Florida QB a bit by surprise.

"It was surprising. I mean Kansas State offering me was a bit of a surprise for me. I mean I ran the option a little bit in our offense but our offense is really not option oriented. You know it is more of a spread or different formations you know but not option. And they came out to see me in practice and I guess they saw something in me that I did see in myself. I mean it was very shocking that they offered me because they saw something or I guess they saw something that they liked that I could do and to be honest it is not something I would have thought about," said Thaddeus jokingly.

Asked if he had any plans to visit Manhattan for an official visit, Lewis laughed before giving his response.

"I'm not sure. Once the coaches can start calling again I guess they will let me know what's up."

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