Jacksonville Receiver Alex Rose

One of the top prospects in the state of Florida, this Jacksonville product is soaring up recruiting charts and making noise wherever he goes. With offers from schools all over the country, Alex Rose has a couple of schools that currently stand out over many of the others who have already offered.

Alex Rose has received over 20 offers at this point in the recruiting year including Auburn, Clemson, Iowa, Kansas State, Nebraska, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisville, Kentucky, and Maryland. The 6'2 and 180 pound Wide Receiver from First Coast High School in Jacksonville, Florida totaled 43 receptions, for 940 yards, and 11 touchdowns in his junior season.

With twenty plus offers already in the bag, Alex Rose has not been taking it easy this summer and resting.

"I went to Clemson, South Florida and Auburn this summer. I have been busy."

At 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, Rose says that although he has not been able to run at every camp he has attended, he has clocked a personal best of 4.49 this summer.

"I have not been able to run at every camp. Coming from Florida we have to travel a long way and sometimes I have not ran but the fastest time I have put in this year is a 4.49," Rose told KStateFans.

Kansas State became interested in Rose after making a visit to his High School and seeing first hand the talented wide receiver.

"They came up to my school and the K-State Wide Receiver coach watched me practice and then he watched some film of some games last year with my coach. I know he wanted to see some of my game films from last year. After that, and seeing me on film he was talking to my coach they just told me they were offering me. Yea, they told me they were offering me that they were going to be sending me something. Then about a week later they sent me something in the mail offering me," Rose told KStateFans.

Rose readily admits he is not as familiar with the Big 12 as he is other conferences.

"I just know that the Big 12 is a really good conference. I mean being here in Florida, they (Big 12) do not get as much attention but I know they are a good conference. I just know that it is a lot of competition and if you want to get into a big time school it is a good conference to play in and exposure. If you want some good exposure and the level of play too, I know that much. I do not know that much about Kansas State right now. I know more about Nebraska and they throw the ball a lot."

"Nah, I know all about Florida and distance is anything. I will go anywhere and play. I will go wherever you know."

With great size and speed, Rose says he has other skills that set him apart from most receivers and he is looking to carry those talents over to the college level.

"Well, I know all the balls go in the middle where people do not want to go. Especially receivers. Man that is where they do not want to go – across the middle, so I will. that is what I like to do is go across the middle and catch all the balls in the air and then break down. I break one tackle maybe but I will break two tackles and then it's over. That is basically my game. But I can go vertical too. Not many can go vertical and jump and I can go up and get it. I can jump a lot so if you throw it up and I will go up and get it. I will get that ball once it is in the air. The out and air route is my favorite route but that slant is too though, so I will take anyone."

Although busy for most of the summer, Rose has yet to schedule visits to any of those schools who have offered the Florida standout.

"I have not set up any visits. I know I am going to go visit Auburn again. I have not made really any camps but I have been down there for their camp and I liked what I saw. it was just a whole bunch of competition down there and there were a whole lot of people trying to commit there. I will probably go visit Clemson too. There are a couple more. Maybe Nebraska or Kansas State. Being from Florida you do not have a chance to see that you know. I want to check that out. "

In terms of committing, the very straight forward Rose said unlike other touted blue chip prospects, he is not into attention or games and that once he knows where he wants to go- he would like to pull the trigger.

"If the school felt right I would go on and get it over with. I ain't trying to keep no one waiting and anything and I would go to it. Once I know I will get it over with. Some like to play games and all but I am not about that. But if it takes me to five visits to find it then I will take all five until I find it."

Asked which schools were currently recruiting him hardest, Rose said that everyone is sending him mail but some are sending up to two letters a day.

"I would have to say that Auburn and South Florida. Louisville and South Carolina and UCLA has come on and started to recruit me hard. There is a lot but they are recruiting me hardest."

Playing exclusively at the wide out position last year, Rose will play both defensive back and wide receiver this year for First Coast- something he has wanted to do for some time.

"I am going to play on both sides of the ball. I am going to make plays on both sides this year. Last year our defense was stacked so I could not get in there. Our backups had backups and I just wanted to play on offense but this year I am set to play of defense and make plays going both ways, up and down the field."

Although he will play D-Back this year, Rose says offense is where he belongs and where he will play in college.

"Everyone is recruiting me to play wide receiver. I ran a 4.47 forty at Clemson so I have the speed that everyone wants at wide receiver but I catch everything. That is what sets my game apart."

Already qualified academically, Alex says he will re-take the ACT in September.

"I am fully ready to go. I am fully qualified and ready to go with grades. I have taken the ACT and all that and I am going to take it again to see if I can get a 20. I think I made like a 17 or 18 on it but I am going to take it again in September and see if I can go higher."

Once football season is over, this talented prospect says he has plans to play other sports and keep busy, working on skills that will help him on the gridiron.

"I will play basketball also this year and run track. I came back too late last year to run track but I am going to run track this year and work on my speed some more and see what I can do. Plus basketball keeps me in shape and I am able to work on my quickness," Rose said. Brought to you by: www.KStateFans.com

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