Purple Pride Line: Simmons Unleashed! Part Two

There's never been any doubt about the physical ability that Marvin Simmons possess to play college football. It takes some people longer than others to see that there's more to life than what's in front of their faces. It seems at least at this time Simmons has found some inner peace and to this point it seems to be working. Here is part two of our exclusive interview with him.

"This year I just to stay injury free and put God first, have faith, work hard toward my faith and there is no doubt in my mind I'll end up on top said Simmons. "Sometimes in life you look for answers that aren't there, and you have put the problems in God's hands and good things will happen, it just takes some time."

Finding inner peace and God wasn't the only significant change that occurred in Marvin Simmons time away from the K-State campus.

"I just got married on July 4th of this year, I already have a 2 year old daughter, and those combined with my faith in God there's no way that I can't get my blessings said Simmons. That's were I am in my life right now."

As a senior Simmons can be a influence on the newcomers or the younger players. There are vocal leaders and players who lead by example on the field. It is not known which one of these Simmons is or could be.

"I've always liked to lead by example in respects to playing on the field and because one thing we had when I arrived here was vocal leaders. The good thing with this seasons defense is we've developed our own leaders, a group of players who have now developed a camaraderie and I believe that's really going to help us this year.

It's no secret how frustrating the play of the defense was for everyone involved. Injuries and inexperience were glaring problems for the team but Simmons sees a big change with this year's squad.

"This year we have a chance to jell because last season we had a few new guys that were thrown into the fire and we didn't really know how good we could be, said Simmons. The difference this year is we know just how good we can be." The good thing about it is no one else knows how good we can be and we'll definitely surprise some people. I look at it as being similar to the K-State team that went 6-6 and the next season they won eleven games. They accomplished did that nobody expected it, because they didn't think K-State would be that good."

Last year was a poor all around year for Kansas State and the coaching staff took so much of the criticism for poor play on the field. The problem with last years defense as there was too much finger pointing, and players not stepping up to lead.

"Watching , observing and learning what it takes to have a good team sometimes it doesn't have a lot to do with the coaches, said Simmons. Certainly they have as great deal of responsibility, but at the same time we do to. That's one thing collectively as a unit we've realized that we have to hold each other accountable on the field. We have to stay confident and uplift each other and if we do that then the sky's the limit."

In Pt. 3: Simmons talks about the influence his young daughter plays in his life and what to expect from him on the field this season.

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