Purple Pride Line: Simmons Unleashed! Part Three

As was stated earlier in the piece, Simmons is somewhat of a hidden enigma for Kansas State because you never really know which player is going to show up. There are the times when Simmons is the linebacker machine that everyone expected him to be and other times he looks lost on the field. He feels he is ready to be consistent, as he explains in part three of our exclusive interview with him.

It's that inconsistency that continues to plague Simmons and it's relegated him to a lesser role on the team. In his third year with Kansas State, Simmons now thinks being in the system and working with linebacker Coach Chris Cosh has put him in a position to be successful and be unleashed on opponents

"I haven't really been unleashed yet, said Simmons. Last year the playing time that I received allowed me to see what I could do out there at this level. I learned that I'm a factor out there and I can be a bigger one, make a difference and really help this team. When I began to realize all of this it made me want to work harder and strive to be a better player."

Fatherhood and having a child can change your life in many different ways. You are responsible for not only yourself, but also a child who needs guidance. Being a major college athlete can be overwhelming, and when you combine that with being a father it can be a daunting task for anyone. What kind of changes has being a parent and a husband brought to Simmons life?

"My daughter has given me a greater respect for life, leadership and having a child has really opened my eyes said Simmons. Getting married has done something similar to me because I just don't have myself to worry about as I have a family to take care of now and one that I'm responsible for providing for. I also have a big family back home as well with 7 boys and four girls. So I do have a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but I don't feel it because I'm just putting it all in God's hands."

When having kids usually the parents become quite skilled at such things as changing diapers how was Simmons at this task?

"I was pretty good at changing diapers, said Simmons jokingly but that's because I have 5 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters to take of. So I changed plenty of diapers in my life before my daughter was born." It's yet to be seen if all these changes that have occurred in Simmons life will translate to effective, consistent play on the field. His changes off the field including a recent marriage and being a father has seem to have had a real effect on Simmons. That's good because being a positive, caring human being and father is far more important than any game that Marvin Simmons has or ever will play in. He says he has renewed his faith, and that he's putting his life in the hands of God. He also seems to be finally ready to take the next step to full fill the potential tag placed upon him when he arrived in Manhattan. If this is Simmons time to be unleashed, that can only be a positive thing for "The Cats" and a bad omen for opponents.

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