Press Conference - Movement Along the Depth Chart

Upon entering K-State's first weekly press conference of the 2005 football season, one significant item was absent - a depth chart. The page in the press packet designated for the latest insight into position battles was blank, like the stare of a freshman being explained the concepts of thermodynamics.

Head coach Bill Snyder addressed the issue by discussing the continued competition at a variety of positions.

"As I look at our depth chart, I think across the board, offensively and defensively that there are so many positions that are still very, very competitive. We'll define a starting lineup at the end of the week, but so much of it is probably going to depend on how well certain guys play."

Some may view the reluctance to name starters as a bad sign, but Snyder had a different view.

"The uncertainty is a good thing," Snyder said. "I could sit down and throw out 22 names right now and everybody, I think, would be comfortable with it. The fact is that there's still some guys who have kept themselves in the race, so to speak, and kept it competitive."

Snyder later pointed out that the competition at various positions could be a great advantage in what could be a hot, humid afternoon game, saying that ongoing competition "would allow you the opportunity to be a little deeper going into the ballgame." How many spots is the competition still tight for? Snyder estimated 10 or 12 of the 23 starting spots (kicker included) were still unclaimed.

Snyder mentioned defensive end as one area with great competition for the two starting spots. The starters are yet to be named, but Snyder listed Blake Seiler, Ian Campbell, Steve Burch and Tearrius George as the top candidates.

What other positions are open, and who will end up starting could occupy fan's thoughts for the rest of the week, but they can safely assume that Allen Webb will be behind center come Saturday. There is no quarterback controversy. for now.

Quick notes -

Hurricane winds

Running backs coach Michael Smith's parents, who live in the New Orleans area affected by Hurricane Katrina, made it safely to Houston, where they are staying with family. Davin Dennis' family lives north of the area affected by the hurricane and made it through safely.

Freshman orientation

Reggie Walker is the lone true freshman that Snyder anticipates seeing playing time on Saturday.

Leroy Who? In response to a question about Leroy White, a recent topic of conversation among K-State fans, Snyder's response was simple. "I don't even know who Leroy White is. Who are we talking about?" Right or left?

Jeromey Clary is working regularly at left tackle, after spending most of his career on the other side, at right tackle.

Marvin not in the middle

Snyder's take on the up-and-down status of Marvin Simmons. "I don't know that Marvin will be prepared to play in this ballgame." When asked whether Marvin would be out due to injury, Snyder's response, after a thoughtful pause, was "I don't talk about injuries." Another switch

Jordan Bedore, who had a surprising performance at defensive tackle in the Spring Game, has been moved to offensive line. Snyder cited "minimal numbers" as the reason for the move, but later said Bedore could be a very good player at center or guard.

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