Campus Insider - Cats Preparing for Marshall

"If you like to play the game, let's go play the game, if you like to coach the game, let's go coach the game." - Bill Snyder, concerning the morning start of Saturday's game at Marshall.

McDonalds will still be serving McMuffins and hash browns when K-State and Marshall kick off on Saturday, but coach Bill Snyder said it wouldn't be a problem for his players.

The 9:30 a.m. (CST) kickoff will be the earliest a Snyder coached squad has ever taken part in, but Snyder said his squad should deal with it sufficiently. "We practice early in the morning on numerous occasions," Snyder said, when asked about the early start," so it's not as though they haven't experienced that before. To me, it's probably more a mindset than anything else."

Snyder said the players would probably get up "around 6:30 or 7(a.m.)," a time most players seemed readily familiar with.

Sophomore safety Marcus Watts said he's been getting up at that time semi-regularly this fall. "On Mondays and Wednesdays I am (up early in the morning), because I have classes at 8:30 in the morning.

Watts said he doesn't anticipate the early start causing any problems. "It's not a big deal to us," Watts said. "We worked out at 5:30 in the morning during the off season. We're used to it. It doesn't matter what time the game is, we just want to play."

"I try to get in bed by 10:30 or 11 (p.m.)," Watts said, when asked what he's doing to prepare for the morning game. "The coaches are doing things to help us get used to the time."

Sophomore corner Bryan Baldwin also said he is usually in bed early each night. "I get to bed pretty early," Baldwin said. "Probably around 10, maybe 11(p.m.)."

"[The time situation] is different for people other than the athletes," Snyder went on to say. "It's different for [the media]; it's different for the fans."

Along with being ready for the early start, the Wildcats also face being prepared for a Marshall team that beat the Wildcats 27-20 in 2003.

"The offense has the same remnants," Snyder said, when asked how the current Marshall team, under a new coach, compares with the squad the Wildcats faced in '03. He went on to add that he was sure the Thundering Herd had not shown much of their offense in their opener, and the Wildcats couldn't base their scouting off that game.

"There's no doubt that there will be things that will be different than when we played the two years ago. This early in the season, you really never know."

One thing K-State fans can be sure of - a Bill Snyder-led squad won't go into Saturday's match-up unprepared.


6'9" Center? This isn't basketball!
With an updated depth chart being made available, it was noted that Logan Robinson, a 6'9" sophomore was listed as a co-reserve for Jacob Voegeli at center. "I think it's a little unusual," Snyder said when asked if he'd ever had center that tall before, "but he snaps the ball fine."

Porter rising
The updated depth chart also shows former cornerback Maurice Porter as an "or" starter at strong safety with Kyle Williams. "I thought Maurice did a number of things well," Snyder said. Snyder noted that the interception help back his performance from the statistical side, but added that Porter played "consistently well," on Saturday.

Packing bags
Snyder confirmed that new reserve punter Cole Brokenicky has earned a spot on the travel roster. "[Brokenicky] hits the ball well." Snyder said. "Consistency is the name of the game for that position, but Cole does fine."

Meier still mending
"He feels like he's making headway," Snyder said, when asked of Dylan Meier's current status. "I feel like he's making headway. It hasn't been as prominent as we had hoped, but here probably in the last two weeks he feels like he's kind of surging forward, I think as much as anything." Snyder noted that with shoulder surgeries like Meier had, the greatest returns are often seen nine months later, which Meier is currently at.

When asked if Meier would see the field this season, Snyder said, "I certainly believe he will, and he believes he will, and the doctors believe he will."

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