Campus Insider - Snyder Concerned in Areas

The Wildcats may be 2-0, but Coach Bill Snyder said Tuesday that he still has considerable concerns with certain areas of the team. There might be a suprise starter next week. Coach Snyder details improvements and areas in need of greater development and immediate improvement.....Read the Latest right here!

On defense, Snyder said the top area of concern is probably the pass rush. The front four, normally consisting of defensive ends Blake Seiler and Tearrius George, and defensive tackles Quentin Echols and Alphonso Moran, have combined for just one sack after two games. Linebacker Maurice Mack contributed the only other sack for the Wildcats.

"I would say (the pass rush) is certainly a concern for us," Snyder said, "and maybe as big as any."

Nevertheless, Snyder said his squad is continually showing improvement on the defensive side of the ball.

"We continue to make progress defensively," Snyder said. "I thought we played well defensively. I thought we took a step forward from where we were the previous week."

Snyder wasn't as quick to point out improvement on offense. "I think, offensively, we have the same issues today as we had a week ago today," Snyder said.

In particular? "Turnovers, for the most part.

"Turnovers have come via the offense, as well as the kicking game," Snyder said, "and that's a major concern for us." Through two games the Wildcats have lost five fumbles and thrown two interceptions.

Snyder also pointed to penalties as an area where improvement is a must. Through the first two games the Wildcats have been penalized 18 times for 145 yards.

Snyder said improvement in these areas will determine how successful the Wildcats are for the rest of the season.

"We will become a better offensive football team when we eliminate penalties and turnovers," Snyder said. "We will become better on special teams when we eliminate turnovers, and we will become better defensively when we become a better pass rush team."

Snyder said the Marshall game provided his young squad with more learning opportunities than normal, and could benefit the squad.

"The important thing is that we learn from it," Snyder said, "and if we do, I think we will become a little bit better football team."

Quick notes

Return man
Snyder said that Jermaine Moreira will continue to be the No. 1 return man for the foreseeable future. "If Jermaine continues to do as well as he has done," Snyder said, "then I would certainly anticipate that (the returning duties) would be his to go with."

Evridge under center? Knock on wood.

When asked how much he wanted to see reserve quarterback Allen Everidge take some snaps against North Texas, Snyder resorted to superstition.

"Everytime I say (I want to get someone snaps) it never comes to fruition," Snyder said. "I'm going to leave it alone out of - knock on wood - superstition, I guess. There's a lot of guys that I'd like to get opportunities in a ballgame, but you just never know when that opportunity is going to present itself.

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