Four Star Texas RB holds a Wildcat Offer

One of the top running backs in the state of Texas this year and a four star recruit, Mon Wiilaims says he has a top five and is looking to schedule an official visit......

Mon Williams
Height: 6-2 1/2
Weight: 198
40 time: 4.55
Bench: 300
Squat: 340
From: Mesquite, Tx
High School: Horn HS
Mesquite (Texas) running back Mon Williams, rated a four star recruit, said he has a top five right now that is forming and that his mailbox is ready to explode. The rumors persist that Williams is favoring the Florida Gators and in talking to Mon, he would only say that Florida has been his childhood dream school.
"Well, I get a lot of mail still from schools everywhere. Some of the schools really I am not sure where they are. But the main schools that I am looking at are Florida, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Those are my top 5 right now," said Williams.
Listing the Cats as one of the favorites for his signature, we asked Williams what it is that he likes about Kansas State.
"What I like about Kansas State is the way they run the ball. I like their offense I guess, just the way everything is set up off the run. They have a bunch of guys who have come through there and I guess it is the running game the most. I don't really care where I go you know as far as how far it is away or whatever, just as long as they like to run the ball. That is the main thing I am looking at with the football (side of things)," Williams told KStateFans.
One of the premier backs in the state of Texas and a four star recruit, Williams says that K-State recently offered him a scholarship. "I have alot of offers, I mean there are a bunch but yea Kansas State offered me not too long ago. I think it was like three weeks ago or so but they sent me an offer in the mail," Williams said.
With a Kansas State offer in hand, we asked Mon what effect it had on his recruitiment.

"I really does not have an effect. I mean I know they are serious and they keep in touch with me and call me so I already know they are serious."
Although he only has one visit set at this point, the talented running back did say he is looking to firm up another possible visit in the near future.
"We have a bye week in two or three more weeks and that is open and me and my homeboy Olastan (SS- Olastan Oguntodu) are going to go up there. I think we are going to try and schedule something that week and I know I am going to go check out Florida and Tennessee. But our schedule got all messed up and that week is open and we do not have a game so I am going to see what happens and try and get out to Kansas State then with my boy for a visit."
In terms of running style, Williams says he is a blend of both speed and power.
"I really kind of run a little different you know and when I am on my game, there is no really anyone out there who can take me out. I mean that sounds like bragging but that is how I feel. I just think that when we need it and I am concentrating on it, there really is not anyone who can stop me. You are not going to catch my coming up behind and I can run it outside and inside and wear you down."
In terms of the Big 12, Williams admits he has friends and relatives in the conference but that he is only looking for the right offense and school to attend.
"Well after Oklahoma lost to TCU I called up Cordero (Cordero Moore) and he picked up but he wasn't happy. He was all like we lost to TCU, I can't even believe that, we lost to TCU. And I have a cousin that committed to A&M (Texas A&M) and so you know I would like to play in the Big 12 but I can't limit it. I have to check out the best fit for me and the offense. I want a school where they run the ball and the coaches are cool."
Mesquite Horn will face off against Tyler Lee in tow weeks in what will be the top game in the district and showcase tow of the best running backs in the state of Texas in Mon Williams and Vondrell McGee.
"Yea that is a big game. Vondrell gave me a call and we were talking- everyone is picking them to win you know. Check back with me after that game man. Really give me a shout. I ripped off 300 and fifty or sixty something a couple games back. I know how good Vondrell is and I know how good I am so we are going to see but I am going to put up some more numbers."
We will be checking back with Mon after the game.

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