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Off- week must be a figure of speech for these Cats. Although K-State did not play this past Saturday, the team still had preparations and ...

The Wildcats did not play this past Saturday, which means many K-State fans had more time to mow their lawns, clean their houses or take naps. Meanwhile, members of the K-State football team found themselves with some free time as well, after morning practices.

Fans may think that a bye week means an empty Saturday and an easy week leading up to it for college football players. Such is not the case. "There's no such thing as a slow week around here," senior tackle Jeromey Clary said.

Although the bye week meant that there would be some down time, Maurice Mack could only think of getting back on the field and practices leading up to Saturday. "I'm not for sure," Mack said, when asked of his Saturday afternoon plans sans football. "Hopefully everybody thinks about tomorrow and coming to practice."

After further prodding, Mack said he will probably find some time to rest. "I'm going to try to relax," Mack said. "I'm going to try to relax with my family and just take it easy. And, of course, watch the Chiefs win."

Although it will largely remain business as usual for the Wildcats, Clary said the bye week provides a little bit of a change of pace. "It is a little bit lighter of a week. What we'll do is we'll still have a lot of practice time. We're just going to prep for a lot of our big opponents coming up. We'll prep for (North Texas), and just get some extra work in for North Texas and some extra work in for some opponents down the road."

Coach Bill Snyder said the bye week practices will allow the team to address some much-needed issues. "The focus during the course of the week, first and foremost, is trying to correct the mistakes. Putting some major emphasis on some of the things we have talked about. Then we'll look at some preparation for some upcoming opponents, and at the end of the week we'll get started on North Texas."

Sophomore cornerback Bryan Baldwin said that overall focus is the area that needed the most improvement during the off-week. "Focusing on mental errors," Baldwin said. "Getting assignments corrected and gearing up and playing."

For Mack, the key focus is improvement. "Keep getting better each and every day," Mack said, when asked what would be the main goal in practice this week.

Snyder said the bye week allowed the Wildcats to tweak their weekly schedule a little. "We changed our schedule (Monday). We had our normal meetings, which would be special teams and offense and defense, and reviewed the Marshall game," Snyder said. "We practiced in the afternoon, a little different type of practice, a little longer practice than what we normally have, and addressed trying to make corrections."

The Wildcats received a day off on Tuesday, lifting weights, but having no practice or meetings to attend. After that, Snyder said the Wildcats would practice normally on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

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