Observations from Memorial Stadium

Sure everyone is going to talk about the loss and the mistakes (I will too)- that lead to the Cats falling down a quick nine and playing Catch-up from jump start but here are a couple of things that stood out to me in Norman. Here are a couple of things that will not make it into the box score.

The 43-21 loss may be disappointing, but considering the happening that took place just blocks from Memorial Stadium, it's hard to really be upset. The explosion that occurred on the OU campus sometime in the first half sounded as if one of the fireworks had gone off in a faulty manner from up in the press box.
The severity of the blast was not known until part-way through the third quarter. The idea that someone actually took their own life really makes a person put things in perspective. Many games may seem very important, and the results sometime seem like the end of the world, but there are much more important things that can make getting so distraught over a game seem rather silly.

Pre-game music
For those that have a problem with K-State's pre-game music, consider OU's selection which featured "Coming in the Air Tonight," by Phil Collins. Call me crazy, but I'll take Van Halen any day.

Rhett Bomar

Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar looked very shaky in the first half. He was dancing like Sammy Davis Jr. in the pocket, and many of the passes he completed could have gone for much more with more accurate passes. In the second half, he looked much more like a former No. 1 recruit in the nation. His confidence showed in making crisper passes and not being afraid to tuck the ball and run right at the defense.

Total Lapses

Timeouts burnt, false starts, delays of game, and snaps to no one in particular made it rather clear that the young Wildcats weren't quite prepared to enter an environment as loud as Memorial Stadium. Piped in crowd-noise in practice and a game in Huntington, WV. can only help so much in that regard. The Cats can definitely use it as a learning experience.

Paul Thompson

The Sooner crowd gave Paul Thompson huge ovations whenever he made a catch. Having lost his starting QB job to Rhett, Paul has been relegated to the second string WR in the sooner offense. Making the decision that it is better to play then to ride pine, Paul decided to bring in the mail as opposed to deliver the mail and from the cheers heard, sooner faithful approve of the move.


Aside from special teams personnel and one captain (Brandon Archer) the Wildcats did not take the field coming out of halftime until 1:20 remained.


Jordy Nelson finally got an opportunity to display his speed on his 73-yard touchdown. After shaking off a pursuer with a spin, no OU defender stood a chance at catching him down the sideline.

TE Sighting

It was nice to see the Wildcats take advantage of an often forgotten position in the third quarter. Tight end Rashaad Norwood's catches on consecutive plays were huge for the Wildcats in their attempt to comeback.

Battle for Field Position

This defensive squad can be a solid unit, they just need field position to be on their side. Thus far this season, turnovers are providing them with little room to work with.

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