In the Rear View Mirror

As the one-year streak of the Kansas Jayhawks came to an end in the Sunflower Showdown, joyous Wildcat fans felt a huge sense of relief and pride once again as the players hoisted up the Governor's trophy. Watching the game and then letting it marinate for a day or so, here are a couple of things that struck me about the game.

Wildcat Defense-

I am going to go President Bush and say the defense played terrifabasome (it's a joke folks, no political hate mail please.) It was also one of the ugliest games I have witnessed with a total of 5 different quarterbacks between the two teams. Nevertheless Allan Evridge took hold of his opportunity and emerged as the cream of the crop in this game and that's all it took to sway the scales in the direction of the Wildcats.

Game Security:

The security was extra tight for the renewal of the Sunflower Showdown. Was this in case of problems between the school's respective fans or precaution due to the incident in Norman, Oklahoma? I am not sure I will ever get used to the measures necessary these days to simply go and enjoy a ball game. Shades of things to come? KSU Athletic Director Tim Weiser said in a pre-game interview that you're never completely comfortable with the measures that you take with security.

Parrish Fisher:

Is the red-shirt freshman in the doghouse of head coach Bill Snyder? The highly touted freshman saw little to no action in the 12-3 victory over Kansas on Saturday. Fisher carried the ball only twice for 6 yards and was seen getting a butt chewing on the sidelines. I'll call it the lockness effect as Parrish was but a mere rumor from that point in and was not seen, spotted or heard from for the remainder of the game. It's doubtful that Fisher could have made much of a difference but who knows?
Thomas Clayton has been struggling since his return from sitting on the sidelines due to legal matters after tearing it apart at the seams to start the season. Many expected to see the carries split between the two talented backs but that hasn't been the case thus far and entering conference play- it leaves on to wonder? Personally I prefer having a back in the wings and pushing the other on the field.


Uggggg. Two personal foul penalties right off the bat against Kansas State early in the game and the Wildcats looked out of sync against the Jayhawks. There were an unbelievable 12 penalties assessed to K-State throughout the game and this is not something that sets well with Bill Snyder. Someone might want to give him that VCR for Christmas early as he is going to wear out the rewind button watching this game with the team.
Personal foul penalties are just a case of losing your cool on the field and almost always retaliating and getting caught by the officials as the second guy. I was thinking if the Cats were playing anyone else other than an anemic Kansas Jayhawk offense the game could very well have been out of reach early. Alas it was the Hawks and they could not score if they were Brad Pitt. The Caution Flag is out however and if the Cats commit the same errors this Saturday against a talented Texas Tech team- the Red Raiders will be bury the Wildcats with a potent offense that you do everything you can to keep off the field.

Press Box:

The press box is essentially a work environment for people covering the games for whatever media outlet they represent. It's usually quiet with only some whispering and the press box announcer as far as talk during the game- think Library.

This was not the case during the K-State/KU game on Saturday. There was a former Kansas City sports show host and frequent guest on the ESPN Sports Reporters show. He decided to let everyone know his feelings on the game as it unfolded. Some of the folks around him began to do the same thing. I do not think it exaggerated to say it was animated and provided the second most enjoyable viewing of the day.

Who's The Quarterback?

Allen Evridge.

After a slow start freshman red shirt Allan Evridge settled down and was by far the most effective quarterback used in Saturday's game. It was evident early on in the game that Allen Webb was flustered and confused against the KU defense. Evridge came in and for a good portion of the time looked like a freshman quarterback before finding his groove.

Something happened and with the game on the line Evridge started to look better and took over the game. Frankly, this WAS the reason Kansas State won the game along with the great play by the defense. For all intent and purpose, Evridge should be the quarterback on Saturday at Texas Tech and the official depth chart released yesterday illustrates that.

There was also a lot of boos earlier in the game as Webb struggled to get the offense moving. Has the patience and the confidence from both the coaching staff and the fans ran out with Allen Webb? Cat fans should feel fortunate to have the quarterbacks they have because remember they could he worse off…..they could have the quarterback problems KU has. Keep that in mind Boo birds.

Only time will tell but there are going to be times when Cat fans will be happy to have Allen Webb in the game. Were I a betting man however, I bet the Jayhawks would have traded both Luke and Barnam for Webb on Saturday and run you over to make the bet before the window closed (No Taco Bell Jokes please.)


On Saturday there was some crisp and hard-hitting football. This was overall the best the Kansas State defense has looked all season. There was five Wildcats with at least five tackles or more Saturday against KU which shows that players are flying to the ball and wrapping up.

There was also an attitude and a sense of urgency and it could be said a "lynch mob" feeling to the effort. Ted Sims seems to be playing his way back to the level he was at before injuries ruined last season for him. And as a side note, it seems that Lynch Mob hand signal has made a return- as have in-state bragging rights and with the Hawks in the rear mirror- Texas Tech waits in the wings. Full speed ahead to Lubbock.

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