Evridge under center

Allen Evridge is listed atop the depth chart and will start Saturday against Texas Tech. See what Coach Snyder, Evridge and other players had to say about his forthcoming starting debut.

Allan Evridge was named the starting quarterback at Tuesday's press conference. well, for today, anyway. Snyder said that Evridge starting under center on Saturday "would probably take place," but added, "it doesn't mean something couldn't change during the week, but if we played today Allan would be the first on the field."

Snyder said Evridge's increasing experience has helped him climb into the starting spot. "I thought he was poised in his time on the field," Snyder said. "I thought he handled his huddle well, and handled what he did at the line of scrimmage well."

Evridge said the vote of confidence from Snyder definitely meant something to him. "It's nice to hear that he has confidence in me," Evridge said. "I'm just going to try to keep preparing like I always have, and get better every day, every week, every rep."

Senior fullback and team captain Victor Mann also said he's impressed by the young quarterback's on-field demeanor. "He's not jittery," Mann said. "He doesn't look nervous, or anything like that. He's calm and he's confident in what he's doing."

"Allen has obviously shown that he's matured at a rate that a lot of red-shirt freshmen quarterbacks don't mature at," Thomas Clayton said. "He showed poise. He showed that he is able to execute."

One may question whether a quarterback with as little experience as Evridge has will be ready to take snaps in a intimidating Texas Tech atmosphere. Mann said Evridge shouldn't have any problems, as long as the rest of the offense holds up.

"Whether or not he has the experience with the crowd, he has to go out there and get the job done," Mann said. "He knows it's going to be a hostile environment. If we can block for him and give him time and put him in the most comfortable position he can be in, I don't know why he can't go out there and be productive on Saturday."

Evridge said it's difficult to know what to expect from the Texas Tech crowd. "It's hard to say until you get there," Evridge said. "I'm sure they'll be a hostile crowd. It will provide a great challenge, but I'm always up for a challenge."

Sounding like a savvy veteran instead of a kid with less than 100 snaps under his belt, Evridge said the key would be concentrating solely on what happens on the field. "(I have to) worry about what's on the field, and not what's around me, so I try to block all of that out," Evridge said.

"Usually when I get on the field all the other stuff kind of goes away. So all you see is the other 11 people across from you and the officials, and that's about it."

The Wildcat offense often depends upon checks being made at the line of scrimmage. Evridge said he's extremely comfortable with his ability to recognize a particular defense and check to the correct play.

"If I see (something in the defense), I'm definitely not going to not go up there and check. The main thing for me is just recognizing those blitzes and getting into those proper check opportunities, but if I do recognize them, I'm definitely not going to be bashful."

Being the current starter, has Evridge's life changed at all? "It's pretty much the same," Evridge said. "A couple more people say 'hi' now."

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