Tech Passing Game Too Much for Cats

The game between K-State and Texas Tech was indeed a tale of two half's. In the first half the Wildcats for the most part controlled the most explosive offense in college football…. In the second half K-State was hit hard quick and decisive as the Texas Tech Red Raiders exploded and took out the Wildcats 59-20.

The Wildcats were the first team this season to score points against Texas Tech in the first quarter. The defense was hitting hard and sending an early message to the Red Raiders. The Wildcats defense also showed Cat fans, the dominance they showed last week against Kansas was continuing.

The Kansas State offense put some points on the board to give the Cats a 13-10 lead after an Allan Evridge and Jordy Nelson hooked up on an 80 yard pass play giving K-State the lead with just a shade over 2 minutes to play.

The key to playing a team like Texas Tech is never do them any favors by turning the ball over and making the mistakes that would give the Red Raiders just that little seam for them to break through and get that offense rolling. This was something that would have helped Kansas State in the first half as they felt the ever valuable momentum slip through their fingers.

Texas Tech scored right before the end of the half when Cody Hodges threw a touchdown pass to Robert Johnson for 34 yards and the Red Raiders took the momentum into the half leading 17-13.

" When I said to not let this happen again (turnovers), said Head Coach Bill Snyder following a the game, I'm talking about the things we did that negated the opportunities that presented themselves that gave us a chance to be more than just in the ball game. The turnovers and penalties were part it. Those are bad things that happened that shouldn't happen.

The second half was one of the most impressive offensive out bursts that you will ever see in a football game. Cody Hodges through for 5 touchdowns and there were five different players for Texas Tech who went over 100 yards in receiving. No matter how much prep work is done during the week it can't prepare you for the offensive display and unorthodox style of the Red Raiders offense.

Once again, I think it is a collective thing, said Snyder if your offense is going to give that unit four down territory and that's almost any place on the field. If they are in the middle of the field all the time, yes it probably is pretty difficult for anyone to stop. If you can get some field position and you give them the three and four yard completion and you tackle them when they catch the football, then eventually they miss one of them and that is like somebody trying to run the football on every snap and now you end up with that fourth down.

"You think you have them covered and they are open said Marcus Watts. A team like that you know you have to limited their yardage and not give up too many big plays."

Alan Evridge made his first start on Saturday and for the most part the red shirt freshman showed more improvement just since the Kansas game. He took some vicious shots, and just kept getting up displaying his desire and toughness. Evridge was a decent, he hit 14 for 26 in a very vanilla offense. Bill Snyder plays things close to the vest but he really is in the case of Evridge because you don't want to set this young quarterback up for failure. There will be many more battles down the road and more important ones for the Wildcats.

The Kansas State defense played exceptionally well in the first half of play. Anytime you can hold down the Texas Tech offense and they only score 17 points in one half that is something to be proud of. The only problem is that there is another half of football to be played.

In that second half of play the Wildcat defense was shredded by Danny Hodges who went an impressive 44-65 as it was the third worst defeat in the tenure of Bill Snyder at Kansas State. It was like the Kansas State team came out in the second half and forgot how to play football. They were flustered and embarrassed and the same defense that was improving steadily didn't show up in the second half.

This do or die time for the 2005 Kansas State Wildcats and how they handle and learn from a loss like this will be the key. Texas A&M is next on the schedule and actually the next two home games could decide what direction this season takes. The Big 12 North is the division that no one wants so why don't the Wildcats step up and take it? There is nothing K-State can do about this loss except learn from it. This is a young team with a lot of talent but talks cheap and its time for the real Wildcats to standup and reclaim the Big 12 North and return to a bowl game. It all starts next week at KSU stadium against Texas A&M.

"That is the nature of athletics, said Bill Snyder. You get knocked on your back, do you have enough character, toughness, pride and discipline about you to get off your back and go take care of what lies in front of you."

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