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Best McNeal impersonation.
In preparing for Texas A&M, the task of playing as quarterback Reggie McNeal on the Wildcats' scout team fell to. probably not who you might have guessed. Freshman defensive back Kevin Hollis has been working as McNeal for the scout team. Hollis played defensive back and receiver primarily in high school, but was also Gilmer High's backup quarterback.

Evridge's preparation
Sitting at a table at the front of the Big 8 Room while being interviewed, Evridge had the week's gameplan tucked in his lap. Evridge said he spends a great amount of time studying it in preparation of the upcoming game, and that the gameplan is usually with him for entire afternoons. "After I get done with class each day, usually around 10:30 or 11 (a.m.), I come (to Vanier Football Complex), and then it's time for football until late at night."

Leadership status
Snyder said the current leadership for the team is good overall. The leadership is spread out among classes and positions, Snyder said, which is a welcome thought after last year's struggles in the same area. Snyder is not afraid to recognize strong leadership skills, as he did by naming sophomore Marcus Watts a captain prior to the KU game.

Consistency on D
Asked who has been the most consistent player, Snyder said the name most prominent in his mind was Watts. For those of you keeping score, since becoming a safety, Watts has made game-saving defensive plays, been named a captain and been considered the resurgent Wildcats' defense's most consistent player. What a difference a position change can make.

Webb's 2nd string practices
Snyder said former starter Allen Webb didn't practice as well last week as he would have hoped, but that he made an improvement to start the new week. "He wants to be back on the field," Snyder said, "and I think he knows exactly what he needs to do to get there."

Luck O' the Nelsons?
Following Saturday's game, in which sophomore receiver Jordy Nelson scored in his sixth straight game, Nelson attributed his knack for finding the end zone to luck. Though he appreciated the humility exhibited by the young receiver, Snyder would not collaborate with Nelson's statement. "I think it takes a little more than luck to do it continuously, as he has," Snyder said. "It's not going to happen if you don't have some talent." Nelson's six touchdown receptions put him second in the conference, behind Texas Tech's Joel Filani, who has eight receiving scores.

Where's the TE?
Through the first half of the season, K-State's starting tight end, Rashaad Norwood, has just three receptions. Snyder said that stat needs to improve, but quarterback play and defensive coverages also factored in to the equation.

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