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Since stepping in as the Wildcats' quarterback, Allan Evridge has been hit more than some professional boxers - and he's re-entered the game each time. Coach Bill Snyder and players spoke of the QB's toughness.

So how tough is K-State's red-shirt freshman quarterback Allan Evridge? Tough enough to chew glass? Maybe not. Tough enough to walk on flaming coals? I can't back that up. Tough enough to get right up after a hit that made some fans shudder and look away when replayed, like it was cut from a horror film? That's the ticket.

Scrambling to escape pursuit, Evridge soon found little between himself and Texas Tech safety Dwayne Slay. A split-second later, Evridge found himself on his back, while Slay and his teammates celebrated the jaw rattling hit. While some players may have been down for the count following such a blow, Evridge pulled himself off the turf and was right back in the game.

If you thought Evridge looked mad after getting up, you were right, but not because of the severity of the hit or any pain he was suffering. "I was mad about the fumble," Evridge said. "That's what I was really mad about. I didn't want to let the ball go."
v"(Evridge's toughness level) grew in my eyes, immensely, after he got leveled," Snyder said. Snyder said he was impressed by the way Evridge got up, though initially woozy, and shook off the effects to focus on the game. "He wasn't looking for any sympathy. He wasn't looking for a way out. He was ready to go back in and play, and that sent a major message to me."

Evridge's teammates have also been impressed by the resolve he's shown. "I never questioned his toughness," receiver Jordy Nelson said, "But the way he got hit against KU and again last week, he's definitely shown that he cares about this team."

"Some guys might not have ever gotten up after taking a hit like that," senior fullback Victor Mann said.

"He did, and he played hard, and that wasn't the only hard hit that he took all game. Mann said he's been impressed by the fact that all the hits have not changed Evridge's playing style on the field.

"No matter how hard he's been hit, he gets up, bounces back, and keeps everything going. I think he's opened the eyes of a lot of guys on our team, and maybe some of the guys have raised their toughness level at the same time, after watching the things that he went through."

The first freshman quarterback to start under Bill Snyder has shown great toughness and resolve thus far. It will be those traits, along with his continued improvement in running the offense and making decisions that play a huge role in how far this offense can go.

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